Healthy Soil Compost!

Healthy Soil Compost!

Hello Gardeners!

It’s that time of year to begin planting your indoor seeds! This year we’ve partnered with Healthy Soil Compost. Not only are we composting as much of our floral stems as we can, we’re selling compost bins in the boutique. Even the best potting soil can lose nutrients, which is why adding a mixture of regular soil and compost is the best way to begin planting your seedlings.

Here is an added perk - if you purchase a bucket of compost from us, you’ll receive a discount if you join Healthy Soil’s Community Compost Program!

Order a bucket of compost and begin gardening!

Every Bucket weighs approximately 35 pounds. This finished compost is annually certified by the US Composting Council and is packed with nutrients for use in all gardening purposes. The green bucket can be used year-round and will keep the compost fresh and stable. Customers can return the bucket to the Healthy Soil Compost for a $2 deposit refund–or you can start using it to collect scraps and sign up for a $10 credit on Healthy Soil Composts pickup program!

 How to Use this Compost:

Outdoor Garden: 

• Top the soil with 2” of compost before and after any growing season.

• Always keep soil covered from sunlight.

Indoor Garden:

• Combine with any soil mix for a 30:70 compost-to-soil mixture. Or add large spoonful-size portions of compost to already potted plants as a top layer of 1-2 inches.

• Avoid fresh compost coming into contact with growing plant stems.