Shop Kitty is Home!

Shop Kitty is Home!

Our hearts are overwhelmed with gratitude and love today. Thank you to each and everyone of you who was so supportive yesterday. As many of you know, our sweet, cuddly little old ladt, Shop Kitty aka Sweet Pea was taken from our boutique. We posted an image from the security camera of the woman who took her and immediately it shared, comments flooded in, and we received hundreds of direct messages of people showing their concern. We read stories from some of you who shared images of their own pets, some of you who recently lost your fur babies and we met a woman who told us that Shop Kitty is the reason that she decided to adopt a cat as well (It was very hard to contain the waterfall tears at that moment). Thank you to all of you for your love. We mean it. We’ve tried to respond to all the messages, but there are so many we may miss some, which is why we want to thank you over and over and over here. Thank you for your concern, you fast action to share and positive words. Shop Kitty is one loved little nugget of joy that has been with Fleur since day one!

Shop Kitty was returned to us 2 hours after our post. She is happy and ran straight to her favorite bed. She took her medications, she had extra snuggles and maybe even an extra treat. She’s sitting in the sun right now, her favorite spot to lounge and greet customers.

Thank you to all the news stations and publications that reached out to help us find her. This includes WGN, FOX, NBC, ABC, the Tribune and Block Club. If you would like to read what happened, check out the story on Block Club right HERE, and the follow up story after she was returned HERE.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, we are so so so happy to have her back home.

In order to turn this traumatic day, we decided that this weekend, May 18th & 19th, we will be donating 10% of our profits to Harmony House for Cats.!


Photo by Stephen Kellogg.


Drawing & embroidery by Serena Madrigal

An extra note to all our friends. Please make sure your animals have chips and that they are updated if the case you move, change your name if you get married. If you want to help animals, volunteer at an animal shelter. Raise money for a shelter. Foster an animal. Instead of receiving birthday presents, ask for donations for a shelter. There are many ways to responsibly care for animals!

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