Swiss Cheese Plant 6"
Swiss Cheese Plant 6"


Swiss Cheese Plant 6"

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We like cheese. We like plants. We love the Swiss Cheese Monstera adansonii plant!  Why is it called this?  The holes in the leaves resemble Swiss cheese (we said cheese a lot just now, maybe we’re hungry). 

They love bright, indirect light. Too much direct sun will burn their lovely, little leaves.  They like drainage on their pot and like the soil to dry out in between waterings. But don’t let us dry out too long - this plant likes a good drink of water and humidity.  Mist its leaves for extra plant love. 

They’re really cool to look and very easy to care for! 

This is available for pick up or Chicago delivery (sorry, we can’t go to the suburbs yet!). For delivery, please choose the $15.00 delivery fee option. If this is a gift, when checking out make sure to view your shopping cart. On that page is a box to leave a message to the recipient or notes for us! 


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