sleepy blooms

I’m feeling romantic today.  It’s the weather, it’s thoughts of our trip we’re planning to Paris next year, it’s the little love notes I’ve been finding that Davey hid throughout the apartment for valentine’s day, it’s the excitement from our friends and our clients.

I’ve been reading blogs about moving to Paris.  I’ve wanted to move there forever.  Although now is not the time for me, I’ve also once again realized that I can do anything I want to if I plan for it.  That kind of stuff makes me excited. I like what I do.

These are some of our valentine's day deliveries.  Our staff is incredible and worked really hard this year.

To all of you who came in last minute surprised we were out of flowers, I scold you.  You were not alone, however now you know that for next year you must pre order the flowers.

There is so much more to write, to share with you, but I'm exhausted.  Good night. xo