Heidi & Jonah

Heidi & Jonah were married this past Saturday, our first wedding of 2011!  I can't tell you how much I missed making bridal bouquets (they're my very favorite thing to make).

It's also so nice to have some vibrant colors in January amid all these cloudy, sleepy days I've been complaining about.  At least it's snowing right now and I have a beautiful view from the kitchen window (I love Mondays).

That's tweedia in the bridesmaid bouquets.  So sweet and delicate!  I love it!!

The ceremony & reception were at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory.  And I love it there, especially the 3rd floor's windows.  One of the best locations for a ceremony, in my mind.  The 1st floor is filled with vintage neon signs and a very impressive vintage and new car collection.

As You Wish Events coordinated the afternoon to make sure everything was place.  Really fantastic, and beautiful day.  Congratulations to Heidi & Jonah!!


As I've been saying, 2011 is bringing a really outstanding wedding season for us.  We're working on some new designs that are so creative and so fun, it's terribly exciting.  The styles range from totally elegant and sleek to whimsical and romantic.   However they all have our little touch.  I can't wait to share them all with you.


Banjos & Blooms

Remember Pip & Brian?

Well, they're all done & hitched, living the newlywed life!  I truly mean it when I say this couple is just outstanding.  Looking through their flowers I mostly remember the smiles they both wore all day long.  They couldn't have been happier.

Here are just a few teasers from Jamie Hartley Photography.  Her new website will be up soon!


All the centerpieces were arranged in milk glass pedestals.  So pretty!!  My milk glass collection is a bit crazy, and rather than pack them all away in boxes, they are stacked on a shelf in our prep room so they can be admired all day long.

And even though it's December, I don't think it's too late (or early?) to look at images of these gorgeous Toulouse Lautrec yellow garden roses.  And those beautiful dahlias!

They're so beautiful, I can't wait to see them again next year!!  We were squealing every time these dinner plate sized beauties arrived.  And they're grown locally.  :)

And this boutonniere makes me so happy.  Filled with little buttons Pip provided, because her nickname for Brian is button. <3

The ceremony was at the Columbus Park Refectory which offers such a regal and elegant back ground for the ceremony (The link right there shows images from Vrai Photography of another wedding we worked on at the space!).

Pip's bridal bouquet is one of my favorites!  Those roses are just outstanding and I love the touch of blue tweedia scattered among the orange and yellow.

And of course, I have to show you a photo of this banjo (no, it's not mine).  Pip & Brian hired an incredible bluegrass band for the ceremony and reception.  I'm always a sucker for a banjo.