It's Leap Day, and the word "leap" is sticking out today.  The strides we've made (especially in the last few years) are large & long.  Although sometimes tiring, we're so very proud of all our work and so very grateful for your support.  Thank you!!!
In other news, here is a beautiful Chicago wedding from this past November.  When I met Anna, I thought she was a designer.  Her ideas were so beautiful & well thought out.  Mix-matched metallics & crystal embellishments contrasted with soft blooms and deep textures.  Enjoy!

Anna's bouquet, above, is rich in texture.


The following photos are dreamy, and all from Pen Carlson.




Congratulations to Anna & Chris!!  And a lovely nod to Courtney Callahan Paper, Chicago Lighting DesignDettagli Weddings, Spiaggia, & Pen Carlson!!

So, whatyadoing?

We've had a whole lotta this going on these days.  Busy!  Busy!  Busy!

Claire's bridal bouquet from this past weekend complete with succulents, china berry, ranunculus, dusty miller and more.

Peonies, ranunculus, anemones...

Our newest candle line, Linnea's Lights!  Hand poured by Mother & Daughter.  Amber is my favorite scent.  It's creamy and sweet.  Perhaps I'm biased because I've worn amber oil on and off for the past 12 years.

Saipua Soap, made in Brooklyn, another Mother & Daughter team.  Saipua is the Finnish word for soap.  I'm Finnish.  The daughter of this duo owns a flower shop.  We felt it was meant to be.