mimosa dreaming

Even though it's been so terribly cold outside, we still have some spring in the shop.

Caleb used my two very favorite flowers in this.  Mimosa & peonies.

I want to sit in a forest of mimosa trees.  Bring a little picnic with brie and honey sandwiches, sip on champagne, nap with a pillow of yellow blooms. Maybe I'll actually go to France for their mimosa fest next February.  I'm about due for a trip to Europe...

And when I'm in Paris I will dine on cupcakes frosted to resemble these Juliet garden roses.

Garden roses so amazing, they make me blush.  I couldn't help myself, I brought home a few stems this evening, alongside orange ranunculus.  Plunked into one of my favorite milk glass vases.

It's seven degrees right now, but feels like negative four.  It's been one of those days where I just can't shake the chill.  I'm planning on using the night to sew a couple of draft dodgers (something I should have made months ago), maybe begin a letter to Claire.  Letter writing is so relaxing and therapeutic.  Such a shame it's a fading art.  Handwriting, tangible thoughts, balancing and weighing.  Nights like this are good for that.