Busy as honeybees

Today was our terrarium workshop!

What a success and so much fun!  Two very special and wonderful friends, Jennifer & Ami, came by to photograph it for an online tutorial (coming soon!).  Aside from the fun of building the terrarium, it was a perfect way to begin the morning.  So many came in to create, we are already thinking about the next one!  We're looking at lots of teeny, itty bitty succulents, so you can create a little variety in your vase.  And, we will encourage you to bring your own vessels as well.

We're also planning a few other walk-in crafty days at Fleur!  Such as making Mom her own sweet lil' corsage for Mother's Day complete with flowers, feathers and plumes.  Perhaps forcing spring bulbs at home inside.  Anything you would like us to teach you?

It has been a very in-store week for us.  Lots of pretty things being delivered.  Ordering Valentine's Day flowers.  Meetings with clients.  It's been creative week, even though the droning cloudiness managed to get the best of me one day.

Also, last night I went to the Siskel theater to watch an incredible movie with an incredible friend (and my acupuncturist).  For those of you who know of my love of honey, it's no surprise to you that I fell in love with the movie Queen of the Sun, which I highly recommend.  A quirky yet serious documentary regarding honeybees and ultimately agriculture.  Don't let the crazy, dancing bee lady scare you aware, she had nothing at all to do with the film.  You'll fall in love with the whimsical french beekeeper, and learn a thing or two as well.  You can buy the BEST honey in the world from the Honeycoop.


Side note, if you need an acupuncturist let me know & I'll pass along her digits.  She is fantastic and her office is in Logan Square.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


Pretty things & shop local!

We have some pretty things.

Little terrariums and lovely succulents.

Handmade stockings

Hanging feather ornaments

and adorable, handmade cross stitches.  Plus lots of other goodies.  Like our vintage wine decanter with boat etchings, or Linnea's Lights candles.

Shopping local is really, really important & we appreciate.  I love this organization, Local First, dedicated to just that.

Almost all of my gifts this year are handmade or purchased in an independently owned business.  It's tricky to sometimes find the right gift, but feels just so satistfying afterwards.

Hope your holiday shopping has been as stress free as possible!