Paper Pinwheel

Yesterday we picked out the sweetest little tree for our home.  Every year I debate back and forth on whether or not to have a tree.  In the past I've decorated my ficus plant or just filled a large bucket with lots of cut pine and juniper branches for some fragrance.  This year felt a little more special, it's our first holiday season in our new home together and we agreed that a tree was absolutely worth having.

We have no ornaments and frankly buying some felt really unsatisfying, so we decided to make our own.  Last minute we had the thought to run to a thrift store to buy some old books and use their pages to decorate.  To my surprise and complete silly, unapologetic holiday joy, Davey found an old Charles Dicken's A Christmas Carol!!!  Next stop, Grand Street Gardens where we found a tiny yet full little tree & after one detour to Star Lounge Coffee we headed home.


First things first, we needed some inspiration.  Terrible carols on the radio, holiday brew poured into our mason jar mugs, we started stringing some popcorn discussing the ornamental plan of action.  I dug around all my fabric for some pieces of scrap material that we could tie to the branches and as well as to use for a tree skirt.  Neither of us really knew what the other had in mind for embellishing our pine.Without really thinking about exactly what we were doing, we both started creating pinwheels and fans tied with thread.  Book page snowflakes and fabric bows.

A pinwheel of paper topper.  Of simplicity and happiness.  Of holiday joy.