A stitch in time

I'm sitting in one of my favorite cafe's today working on six (!!!) estimates.  It never stops this time of year.  At first I couldn't focus, but two cups of green tea, a whole lotta Prince playing on their stereo and color palettes running through my mind.., I'm unstoppable!  Seriously ladies, you're all going to love this!

But with a medium caffeine high right now, I need to take a quick break.  I thought I'd tell you about what I'm planning on making for dinner.  Roasted butternut & acorn squash, onions, potato and garlic over quinoa with feta and grapes.  And a splash of lemon juice.  And a glass of red wine, or perhaps prosecco.  The prosecco only because I'm starting to get REALLY excited for my birthday coming up.

Also, I wanted to take a break to share these pretty pictures with you.  They were taken by Alexia, and feature her absolutely darling cross stitch pieces which now adorn our front window in the storefront.  Handmade and raw sugar sweet, these are some of my favorite things right now.  I'm just sayin'.., holiday gift??  Gah!  I think one is going to end up on our walls at home...

Also, another thing to note, I'm really into this weather.  It's perfect for drinking spicy manhattens.  That is going to be my reward tonight after all this typing.  Screw the wine and prosecco!

Sade just came on.  Time to get back to work.  Sweet.