What the what? Autumn flowers!

Yesterday was a *BUSY* day.  First day back and filled to the brim with phone calls, estimates, scheduling meetings and picking out Valentine's Day cards.  Yes, I said it.., Valentine's Day.

But we'll get to THAT day later.

Leslie was so sweet to send us these images from her wedding.  She worked with Caleb to create just the prettiest, locally grown wedding flowers from this past August.  Her vases were wonderful, too.  Lots of jars they were repurposing as canisters while they build their lives together as newlyweds.  Thank you to Pen Carlson Photography for catching all the sweetness!


It's so nice to look at these warm and sunny colors in January!

And their linen selection is so whimsical and fun!





There are a lot of things that can make me pretty darn happy.  For example, when Davey suggested we call my parents to share dinner together (we totally gorged at Nightwood.  It was kind of stupid-delicious how much food we ate!  And you should stop in to see our flowers.., aside from the food).  And then there are pictures of the kitties.  I mean, seriously.  This is my life.

And sometimes I'm just struck by beauty.  Like these dahlias.  They're kinda special.

Those dahlias are bigger than a steak burrito and way more exciting, too.  We're getting more in tomorrow, for some of this weekend's weddings.

Peach and grey are such a fantastic color pairing.  Grey in general really seems to be huge everywhere.  In fact, I was just looking at fabric to sew new curtains in the dining room that was grey with accents of robin's egg blue and a certain kind of yellow.  Seven and a half yards were needed and they didn't have enough, sadly.

Wallpaper or fabric that resembled this bouquet might be kinda wonderful.  And what an incredible and fun job.  Oh no.., I'm adding another thing to the life list....

This is all for tonight.  I'm sleepy, and I have a rule that I do not work on the computer for half an hour before I go to sleep.  The last two nights I didn't sleep well because of a few paranoid dreams I'm attributing to mine and Davey's Sunday viewing of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" with Kiefer Sutherland's dad (really great film!!).  So tonight I'm finishing the crossword and reading a book.  Sweet dreams, everyone!


Early autumn color

Early autumn is such a funny time of year.  Yesterday I wore a dress and I was too cold.  Today I wore jeans and a three quarter length short and was far too warm.  This afternoon I bought a dress that can be layered for a wedding I am attending on Sunday.  Fashion is at it's absolute best in the autumn, and some might argue the same is the case for flowers.  The tones are deeper, jewel-toned, vibrant and outstanding.  I was reminded yesterday while flipping through Real Simple magazine that the reason leaves change colors is because of the pigment, anthocynin (cool weather combined with sunlight, etc, etc...).  And last weekend we worked on Melissa and Joe's wedding that truly felt  to be the perfect "say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn" tribute in floral form!

The colors are just so outstanding and vibrant, so beautiful and lush.  The bridal bouquet was compact and simply stunning.

And the bridesmaid's bouquets were beautiful as well.  You can't tell from these photos, but those dahlias are absolutely incredible.  They're locally grown too, which makes us all a teeny bit happier.

We didn't have time to snap photos of the centerpieces.  They were beautiful.  The low vases were quite similar to the bridesmaids and the talls were filled with orchids and hanging votives.  I'm excited to see the professional images.  I'm also just excited for autumn in general.  Darker skies are not too exciting at 8:00pm, however the colors, textures and nature's overall pattern in the fall is absolutely incredible.

In any case.., this wedding was gorgeous.  An adorable couple, colors that pop, and a beautiful early autumn afternoon.

Congratulations to Melissa and Joe!