Sunny tea morning

It is a rare morning that I have the chance to work out, eat my toast with peanut butter and actually sit at Letizia's for a cup of tea and a little quiet time.  Today I didn't have to be at the flower market at 8am and thought I'd take a moment to just sit and enjoy the morning.

And these cafe au lait dahlias.  Every florist I know has been gushing and oohing over the dahlias this year.  They're beauties!  As I've mentioned, my love for them is dubious.  They're amazing, and at the same time I don't trust them.  They arrive into the shop glowing and beaming with all their might, and then they recognize someone is looking at them and they immediately begin to wilt or turn brown.  I think they're saying to themselves "We'd rather die than allow you to witness our beauty!!!!"  Jerks.  But even so, I still find myself constantly stopping and talking to them (yes, I know.., I am one of those people that talk to all the flowers...sometimes I make them sing soul songs but that's a video for another day) and admiring their plush beauty.

And I also have been loving our garden roses this year.  The Yves Piaget are stunning and transcend season.  Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter..,  paired with the right color they work beautifully with any time of year.  Lately they've been used in deliveries with deep rubies, saffrons and ambers.  Autumnal romance in a bundle!!

Despite my appearance of moccasins and no socks, my old western shirts and scarves in my hair, my "you can take a girl out the south side but ..." jokes, I am a romantic at heart.  And these garden roses and dahlias speak to me on such a deep level.  I bring just a stem or two home and glow when I catch its beauty.  I take countless photos of them, morning light, evening light.  They're simple, they're sweet and they beautiful.

It's a beautiful Friday morning in Chicago.  I hope you're enjoying the sunshine!!