The ladies of March & April

Saturday night.  Bowl of mac & cheese, super comfy couch, glass of red wine, listening to my Antena LP and crashing on the couch.  This is the life.  The only thing that would make it better is if Davey was sitting next to me.  I miss him.  Our schedules are completely opposite and sometimes it gets to me.

I'm looking forward to planning picnics.  Homemade tuna salad sandwiches (sans the mayo) on a baguette wrapped in waxed paper with twine.  Sitting on a soft blanket in the sunshine.  Living that leisurely, lovely life.  Sunny days like today are invigorating.  Playing with cherry blossoms & hydrangea outside in the crisp fresh air  this afternoon while setting up felt just so right.  March and April are the mack daddy's of the floral months.  Their ladies are the helleborus, the ranunculus, the anemones.

This is a mock up for a wedding in June.  It makes me really happy.  I think you can see why.  I can't wait for it, actually.

Tomorrow I'm waking up & hitting the gym.  And then sharing photos of today's wedding with you.  And then hosting our first Clothing Swap at Fleur.  It's 4-7pm.  Ladies, bring the clothes you want to cast from your closet and pick up something new!  $5 suggested donation to cover snacks.  The leftover dolla's are being donated to One Tail at a Time, AND we're matching the donation.  Leftover clothes are going to a women's shelter.  See you tomorrow!!!

Speakeasy Soiree

I remember someone once telling me that Jan/Feb/Mar are the slow months for us in this wedding industry "biz."  Frankly, I don't know what happened but that has not been the case in any way, shape or form.  Of course I'm not complaining at all.  But I am taking this morning to catch up on all my estimates and proposals with a mug of coffee  They gave me a beautiful iridescent, opal looking glass from which I have been channeling ethereal descriptions of gorgeous bouquets and table settings.  Much like these designs we created for this past Tuesday's Speakeasy Soiree.

Thank you, Suzy from Lily Red Studio for capturing these gorgeous images!  Suzy also created all the paper items for the event which were gorgeous!  She's working on some signage for us at the shop and I can't wait!

I forced myself to drink an extra Manhatten or glass of red wine here and there to provide the "vases" for the ostrich feathers & ranunculus.  Let me tell you, that's pure dedication.


Joan from Five Grain Events coordinated this fabulous industry meet up and as always it was incredible.  Networking can be a little difficult (especially when you have wallflower tendencies like myself), but she just makes it so easy!  Jordon's Food of Distinction provided delicious snacks for us to taste as we drank our mint juleps & bee's knees from vintage tea cups.

Amid all the running around the past week between the mock ups and meetings and emails and phone calls and designing, three house guests came to Mason de la Fleur.  One of Davey's closest friends from college and his fiance!  Engaged for just one week!  Of course the excitement was even more grand upon hearing and sharing their amazing news and I had to bite my tongue over and over to not overwhelm Chrissy with ideas (a curse of working in this industry.., too much info to share!).  What a wonderful week of catching up and simply spending time together.  Eating too much, walking around neighborhoods, scrabble games and more.  Isn't this what friendship is all about?


Anne, Davey's sister also came to visit.  Time spent with her is never long enough and I continually hint that she needs to move to Chicago where we will open all of our paper and crafty stores, plan weddings, sew dresses and go antiquing.  Oh, the plans we have!!!  Yesterday was spent all day rummaging through antique malls and finishing with a drink in a little cafe before our amazing dinner at Lula Cafe.  I was having so much fun I forgot to take a single photo, but luckily Suzy captured this one of all of us.  I think it's going to be a favorite of mine.

Now, back to the world of weddings.  Thank you all for your patience as I relaxed in Florida and hosted some love and friendship at home.  I'm WAY behind with everything, but am catching up.  We have an exciting wedding this weekend, a clothing swap on Sunday (4-7pm at Fleur!) lots of proposals & estimates to write and some outstanding weather today!  Hope you're all enjoying a wonderful St Patrick's Day!!