Summon the warmth

On a cold and grey day such as this, my mind has been bouncing back and forth between the promenades of the French Riviera, the beaches of Cozumel and the color of Brazil.  I'm summoning warm vibes and lazy afternoons with nothing to do.

After a little back and forth emailing with the lovely Kansas City florist, Emmy-Ray, and peeking at her blog about artist Joshua Petker my Brazilian daydreams brought me to Beatriz Milhazes.  One of my favorite artists.

Her paintings are so filled with a textile-like palette and layering.  They're the perfect backdrop for Carnivale, filled with life and dance.  And a lovely placement of fern fronds and flowers.

Some 7 or 8 years ago a friend introduced me to her paintings and I was captivated by their combination of patterns and linear qualities.  Her confetti-like flowering shapes are also, of course, simply delightful.

Swirls and circles moving among what could be a black chandelier.., there is so much inspiration to be taken from these.  I would love to listen to Beatriz's laugh.

Her more moderately toned pieces also evoke such power.  This one's palette in particular is so beautiful and soothing.


Now, back to work.  These have afforded me some new inspiration for a client.