Heidi & Jonah

Heidi & Jonah were married this past Saturday, our first wedding of 2011!  I can't tell you how much I missed making bridal bouquets (they're my very favorite thing to make).

It's also so nice to have some vibrant colors in January amid all these cloudy, sleepy days I've been complaining about.  At least it's snowing right now and I have a beautiful view from the kitchen window (I love Mondays).

That's tweedia in the bridesmaid bouquets.  So sweet and delicate!  I love it!!

The ceremony & reception were at the Ravenswood Billboard Factory.  And I love it there, especially the 3rd floor's windows.  One of the best locations for a ceremony, in my mind.  The 1st floor is filled with vintage neon signs and a very impressive vintage and new car collection.

As You Wish Events coordinated the afternoon to make sure everything was place.  Really fantastic, and beautiful day.  Congratulations to Heidi & Jonah!!


As I've been saying, 2011 is bringing a really outstanding wedding season for us.  We're working on some new designs that are so creative and so fun, it's terribly exciting.  The styles range from totally elegant and sleek to whimsical and romantic.   However they all have our little touch.  I can't wait to share them all with you.



With the temperature at a balmy 21 degrees (after yesterday's 9 degree high) I'm enjoying looking at these images taken by Michael Critzon at Yamashiro Studio during Bomie & Clay's wedding.

It's hard to believe that this image was taken just two months ago in October.

Bomie's bridal bouquet is filled with vanda orchids.  They're, in my opinion, one of the most majestic of orchids because of their vivid, sometimes lapis shade of purple/blue as well as their plump shape.

Outdoor weddings seem far away...

Their wedding was held at the Hinsdale Golf Club.  The large windows are a special treat and they even have beautiful chairs!


Cakes dripping with a cascade of fresh blooms always look stunning.

Congratulations to Bomie & Clay!!!

Days off

I love days off.  This morning I drank some tea and wrote a letter to my best friend who moved to Boston.  I skipped the gym and opted for sitting outside in the sunshine (In November??!) to read and took a long walk around Ukrainian Village.  It was so warm today I took my scarf and hat off.  I also ate a bowl of Minestrone and drank a glass of red wine for lunch.

And although I dedicate my days off to avoiding emails, every now and then I check them.  Today I'm glad I looked at them, because Amy sent me some beautiful photos from her wedding. Thanks to Ken Carl from R.E.M Photography, as well!

The personals were so vibrant and pretty.

And a tailored vanda orchid floret for a boutonniere.


Okay, but this all the time of mine you can have today.  I'm about to make chicken stock from the leftover roasted chicken Davey and I made last night.  And I'm working on the Thanksgiving menu.  Bon Iver is playing.  And I think I feel like painting tonight.  The tea kettle is whistling and I gotta go.