Let's Party! (Part 2)

I'm biased, but I think our anniversary party was pretty much awesome town.  All the vendors who helped me out are basically the reason why.  Thank you SO much to Jennifer Kathryn Photography who took all these wonderful photos of the work from Curry Cruiser, Truffle Truffle & Three Floyds beer!!  This party would not have been nearly as amazing without their support!

Truffle Truffle provided the most amazing sweets!  They provide some of the most beautiful and unique wedding sweets tables and gift favors.  Oh, their s'mores!!! And beer truffles!  Marshmallows!!!
The Curry Cruiser came along and created some custom deliciousness in the form of curry tacos for the party!!!  This super-fantastic Indian street food will soon be coming to a store near you!!
(Above photo from Jaclyn Simpson)
And to wash it all down, we had Three Floyd's Pride & Joy!
(Above & remaining photos below from Jaclyn Simpson)

Even Kitty came out for the event!
Thank you again, for making this party and the last 10 years and incredible as they have been.  The future is very exciting, with a lot in store.