Bridal bouquet in April

In April we had a beautiful wedding at Revolution Brewery, and here are some photos of the bridal bouquet!  Enjoy!  We can't wait to see all the photos of the centerpieces!Bridal bouquet by Fleur


Bridal bouquet by Fleur Inc~~~

Bridal bouquet by Fleur Inc~~~

Bridal bouquet by Fleur

Happy first day of March!

Although this little bit of snow and cold weather on the first day of March in September makes us want to yell "Go Home Winter, You're Drunk!," at least we know that we'll soon be spotting ranunculus in their finest, hellebores that are so beautiful they hurt your feelings and anemones that make us lose our thoughts for a minute in their delicacy.  Here is a recent wedding bouquet that is filled with happy colors.

Happy First Day of March!!

Bridal bouquet by Fleur

~~~Bridal bouquet by Fleur

Spaghetti & Squash

This is a little something pretty that we whipped up this afternoon.  It has so many things I love such as bridal veil (spirea), ranunculus, parrot tulips (it amazes me how many people actually think that parrot tulips look like they're dying because of their frilly, feathery edges), allium and garden roses.   It's comfortable filled out with some hydrangea.


But what I really want to tell you about tonight is the dinner I made for myself.  Last night after returning from Lake Geneva's adorable Chapel by the Spring, I roasted 2 butternut squash with garlic hoping to serve them over quinoa.  However, the only package of quinoa I had left was a bit *ahem* old, and I was tired and left the squash for later while I fell asleep working on a crossword.


Upon coming home after an expectedly long and unexpectedly incredibly pleasant day I was starving.  So I carved out the squash and garlic and mixed them in a bowl.  I chopped 1/2 a shallot and sauteed it with a little more garlic (I apologize now to whomever will have to run on the treadmill next to me tomorrow morning).  Added some paprika, garam masala, the infamous S & P, and added it to spaghetti.  I even toasted a few walnut and topped it all off with a Spanish manchego-like cheese.  My photo below doesn't really do these tastes justice.  It's nothing exciting, for some reason I'm super excited about it.

The thunder just began.  What's that they say about April showers bring May flowers?


Katie & Brent

This past weekend was all kinds of crazy with 1 rehearsal dinner, 2 weddings, a bridal shower and the Macy's bouquet of the Day installation.  I'm still pouring through all my photos but have a lot of estimates and mock ups to work on right now, so here are just a few images from Katie & Brent's wedding!  Lots more coming soon of everything!  :)

This, to me, is the quintessential, springtime bridal bouquet filled with soft peonies, ranunculus, garden roses, viburnum and hydrangea.

The bridesmaid bouquets were filled with a little bit more of a punch of color.  The garden roses are gorgeous paired with viburnum, geranium foliage (one of my favorites) and some orchid florets.

Prunus branches, hydrangea and orchids filled pilsner vases for their tall guest table centerpieces.  So springy and beautiful!

Congratulations to Katie & Brent!!