Shot through the heart

Fleur Valentine

We've ordered some of our favorites for Valentine's Day!  Red roses of course, but also peonies, anemones, ranunculus, tulips, blossoming branches, garden roses, gloriosas and so many more.  Don't forget, we deliver!  Call in your order early to make sure it's one of the first to be sent out on Thursday!  You can always stop in the shop and pick out your blooms, or just call and have us design something ready for pick up!


And.., we'll also be at Gaslight Coffee Roasters 7am-noon with pre-made bouquets, both hand tied and in mason jar vases!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Fleur Gaslight flier

Thanks Re:find Joy for the fliers, Jaclyn Simpson & Simply Jessie for the photos!!

Sweet as honey

Such a delight, yesterday Style Me Pretty Illinois featured a wedding of ours from this past June.  I just love this team so very much.  My dear friend Simply Jessie few out from San Francisco to work with equally loved Greatest Expectations, Courtney Callahan Paper, Cheap Tart Bakery & We, Unity Candle.  Such a lovely wedding!  For more images, you can see the entire post right HERE!

Congratulations so very much to Charolotte & Ringo (Jen & Chris)!








Inspired Creations

This evening I found myself lost in iphoto.  I'm trying to organize it, and while doing so, I came across some images that I was surprised I hadn't yet shared.  During Indie Wed we participated in the Inspired Creations Contest, and found ourselves as runner ups!

I want to send a little thank you out to the following, who made this such a fun shoot! Elizabeth Anne Designs, SQN Events, Simply Jessie Photography, Courtney Callahan Paper, Truffle Truffle & Femme du Coupe.  You are all such an incredibly talented group, and I am so tickled and honored to have you all in my life!! ~~~ Now, enjoy the photos, and bottom's up!
All these photos are by Simply Jessie!





You can see the rest of the post right HERE!!!

Billy Ball Place-card holder

Indie Wed is this Saturday, and in the spirit of DIY, we thought this is a great opportunity to share a little project from this past Summer.  Lily Red Studio, Soiree Wedding &  Events and ourselves created a whimsical & adorable, billy ball place-card holder!




You can read all the instructions & how-to at Elizabeth Anne Designs!

We're SO excited for Indie Wed!  It's our first year we're participating, and we'll be on the first floor.  We're sharing a booth with Greatest Expectations!  And you'll also want to see our Inspired Creations Contest booth on the 2nd floor, where we teamed up with SQN Weddings & Events, Courtney Callahan Paper & Simply Jessie Photography (with special appearances by Femme du Coupe & Truffle Truffle)!  Plus, you'll see some bouquets and blooms throughout the space, at our friend's spaces!  Make sure you stop by & say hello to us!

Featured in Elizabeth Anne Designs

We always love to be featured in one of our very favorite blogs, and here we are in Elizabeth Anne Designs!

A very special Thank You to Simply Jessie for taking all these incredible images!!!


Also, Be sure to check out the feature of Elizabeth & Alex's wedding, Also on EAD!!

HERE is the link to the article, and thank you to Maypole Studios for the photography!!!

J & B's garden wedding

Justin and Bahareh were married just a few weeks ago.  I was so very honored that they asked me to be their florist.  I've known Justin for years and was beyond delighted and thrilled when I met Bahareh.  When they asked me to create the flowers for their wedding I was overwhelmed with warmth and joy, because they are two of the most endearing, caring and just plain sweet people in the world.

The day started out a little intense.  A few droplets of rain, some silvery-grey clouds were daunting, but our hopes were up.  Until the sky turned black and the wind pushed the monsoon of rain on all sides.  The rain flooded the grass and grounds of the venue, but certainly not our spirits.  Something bigger was about to happen.., two people who could not be more perfect for one another were about to be wed.  And as we all scurried around, the room was still filled with some laughter and chuckles as J & B's friends and family hung poms, helped me add votives to the table and corsages and bouts were passed out.

Their ceremony was honestly one of the sweetest I've ever seen.  The officiant a life long friend, the lovely story reading from Grannie, the poem B's father wrote and recited by heart.  I'm pretty sure there were few dry eyes in the house.

J & B love animals.  It's part of their story.  It began with a love for little furry creatures and developed into a love for one another.  It's only appropriate they were sprinkled about the day with place-cards & cake toppers.

The mood was so soft and dreamy.  Glowing light from the windows and lots of candles scattered everywhere.

B collected vintage handkerchiefs to place under the centerpieces.  The flowers were arranged in milk glass pedestal vases over flowing with lush blooms.  Jasmine was incorporated here and there as a little nod to B's Persian background and mercury glass and blue mason jar votives added a warm glow.

I was so thrilled when B told me she had chosen Simply Jessie as her photographer.  Jessie has a botanical background and has such an eye for capturing flowers that leaves me speechless.  She and her husband Eric are two of the most wonderful people I know, talented in so many ways.  They have many more images from J & B's wedding posted HERE and HERE.  They really just captured the day so perfectly.

Congratulations to Justin & Bahareh!!!!  Such a magical fairy-tale like wedding!  You two are simply amazing.  xoxoxox!!!

Andrea & Rob

Last weekend we worked on a very elegant wedding at Fulton's on the River.  This wedding is really a beautiful description of the Classic Chicago Wedding.  A beautiful bride, her gorgeous gown, a happy groom, simple design and a view of the river.  Congratulations to Andrea & Rob!!  And thanks so much to Greatest Expectations for flawless coordination and Jessie & Eric from Simply Jessie who took these stunning images.  It was a gorgeous day.








jonquils and cats.

Enjoy these pretty jonquils that Caleb just used in a delivery.  Even though the air is brisk this fine, Sunday afternoon, it's absolutely gorgeous out!  I'm really in a wonderful mood, perhaps because this is my fake Friday.  Finishing up the week's estimates and proposals and updates after a truly sweet wedding yesterday (working with the ever lovely Greatest Expectations team, and eagerly awaiting the photos from Simply Jessie who has taunted me with a text of how beautiful the images are!) I am incredibly excited to share some birthday wishes with a dear friend, Amanda.  Happy birthday Amanda!!! (we also designed the floral decor for her and Billy's Vegas wedding just shy of a year ago!).  And..., being Sunday and fake Friday and all that goodness, it's my evening to spend with my Mr Wonderful.  He's been working hard stripping our dining room chairs and I think it's time to take a break and enjoy some time together.  :)  Hope you're all enjoying a gorgeous afternoon, and see you on Tuesday!


P.S.  here is a photo of our Bootleg, who also has been soaking up the rays of sunshine in little patches throughout our apartment.  Boots, you've come a long, long way.  Remember when we used to call you Little Ugly?  You're still sometimes a jerk, but also crazy awesome.

A Valentine's Day Post (Part 2)

Leanne & Gordon just can't be any cuter!!

Styling this shoot was so fun because it was kept so simple.  We just wanted L & G  to glow, which clearly they did!  Add a plateful of *delicious* sweets, adorable cross stitch from our dear friend Alexia, and a taxidermy deer head, well.., nothing says Valentine's Day like that!

The flowers in those adorable vintage milk glass vases include anemones, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses and miniature artichokes.

These two cannot stop smiling!

~~~Alexia's cross stitch are just so dear!!!  We have a few available at Fleur, and she will customize them as well.  I gave Davey a trio for Christmas and they actually brought tears to his eyes!!  Which, of course, caused me to well up.

You can see even more photos on Elizabeth Anne Designs, one of my most favorite wedding blogs!!

All of these photos were taking my husband & wife team, Eric & Jessie from Simply Jessie .  I can't rave about this duo enough.  Aside from being incredibly talented photographers they are truly wonderful people and I feel beyond fortunate to call them my friends.  I love our time spent together sipping coffee or beer, planning new projects and texting cats photos back and forth.


I first fell in love with their images when I saw this amazing Secret Wedding shoot.  It felt so personal and so full of warmth.  Their photos really draw out physical emotion from me (I can't help it, I am such a romantic!).  We've worked together on some great projects such as Susan & Robert's engagement shoot and have some really fantastic things planned for the future.  Thank you, Eric & Jessie for being so much fun to work with and such wonderful friends!!!


Valentine's Day is under a week away.  We're going to have a lot of beautiful blooms around.

I hope you're staying warm today!!


We are so fortunate that this lovely little engagement session was featured not once, but twice!  Elizabeth Anne Designs, admittedly one of my very favorite wedding blogs, shared  Simply Jessie's photos.  I highly encourage you to peek at EAD, as it's filled with inspiration, wonderful DIY projects and so much beauty.

Sarah Drake Design worked on this shoot with us. So I was thinking. With valentine's day just around the corner, sometimes it's difficult to find that perfect little gift for him. Their monogram collection might be something to consider.  A lovely set of handkerchiefs?  Just a little thought.

Whoa, it's 2011

Saturday night, the first evening of the New Year, back in Chicago.  This morning we drove home after just under a week's holiday in Hastings, MN.  The first thing I did after arriving was to pop open a bottle of red wine, order a pizza and immediately start looking at property to purchase in Stillwater, Minnesota (just 22 or so miles away from Hastings).  After two pages I found the *PERFECT* house.  It's just gorgeous (sans the really terrible tile work in the bathroom) and in 5 or 6 years better still be available at the same (or less) price.  I need it for my plan of Fleur les Deux on the Mississippi River.  Le Sigh...

What a holiday week!  Fighting what obviously was some strain of SARS the week before AND after Christmas, I finally settled on a cough just short of whooping which resulted in finally today bruising my ribcage.  Luckily all the wild turkeys in the backyard, the eagles flying overhead, the fireplace & the laughter managed to help me ignore all of this for a few days and enjoy my time with Mr Mister's lovely family (hi guys!).

With a view like this every morning it's pretty easy to manage to relax.

Despite the cough and my runny nose, we made time for hockey games and three great meals.  Red wine and relatives, naps and antiquing.  And chicken wild rice soup (not once, but twice).   It's always a whirlwind to see everyone with such limited time, but Dave and I still managed to find a few moments here and there to enjoy our time together (once he was relieved of being my personal Florence Nightingale).  Discussions of the day, of the future, my rambles about flowers and work, and his of music and movies.  We're so damn good together and I'm constantly blown away.  I think that Minnesota always brings us closer. ~~~

NYE was spent at Weiderholt's (John's restaurant) for one of the absolute best supper club dinners you can imagine.  We were back at the house by 11pm to sit next to the fireplace with Missy, John and Anne.  The wind whistled in the new year and we sipped our drinks while sharing our stories of joy and recognizing how lucky we all are.  Listening to advice passed back and forth, speaking of dreams and simplicities, I ended up falling asleep that night with thoughts of little chickadees hopping around in my mind.

Simplicity is something I've strived for the past few years and have been amazed at how life has really settled in that way.  The flower world can be so hectic and so maddening.  With over 70 weddings both this year and last, I'm amazed I still have sanity (despite what staff...Caleb...creates as a nickname for me).  Our ninth year is peeking around the corner and this year was most definitely the one with the most lessons.  A couple of tough ones, some really fabulous ones and in the meantime I met some of the most wonderful, supportive, lovely ladies (and gentlemen) in the industry.   We began phase one of the storefront and studio remodel, put the emphasis on OUR design style and shared so many laughs.  I have 62,000 post it note lists all over with changes and ideas and hopes and dreams for the shop.  Playing with flowers and making things look pretty all day is really something special.  As well as something that requires a lot of work and a lot of sacrifice and sometimes countless days of non stop work.  I'm lucky that I have such a strong group of people around me to keep me going when the going gets tough.

Now I'm going to finish this last glass of wine and enjoy the last hour of 1-1-11.  And I want to brag a little bit, you might enjoy this Ruffled Blog feature of Susan & Robert's engagement photos shoot.  In the meantime, I truly wish you the most joyful and most loving New Year.  Our faithful fans and friends and family are what keeps us going, and you're all kinda awesome.  XO

P.S.  I'm excited to start sharing some floral photos with you soon!

Whoever stole my cc #, you're goin' DOWN.

Mentally tonight I am somewhere between here:

and here:

It's only Wednesday and I'm experiencing some craziness this week.  Mercury is in retrograde.  That makes sense because I was a victim of skimming scam with a debit card.  And well, a LOT of money later I'm still arguing with the bank about it.  Another trip tomorrow.

Despite that crap, this weekend I helped style a really great photo shoot.  There will be some details about that tomorrow, but as always, I love working with Simply Jessie and thoroughly enjoyed the work of Sarah Drake Design, as well.

And tomorrow I am finishing up all my estimates from last week.  And working on my least favorite part of the job: Accounting.  Seriously.  It sucks.  As well as I am hoping to clean my closet and organize the pile of clothes on the floor.  An ex once told me that I live like a gypsy when it comes to my clothes, and sadly it's true.  Hangers are over rated.

Once all this holiday business at work is over, I am going to pick up some new ink pens.  I miss drawing pretty things like plums and figs.

Tomorrow be prepared for some amazing photos.  You love snow.  And the color yellow.  And peonies.

And now I'm taking a break.  It's 9pm and I want to read.

Ready for an early day tomorrow!!!

Simply Jessie Photography

Last week my new friend Jessie stopped by the flower shop.
We ate breakfast at Lula and talked about some of
our favorite things which include botanicals, travels and
a love for heat and humidity (a comment I retracted last night!).
She snapped some beautiful photos
and interviewed me, which you can read about here.
Here are a few of the photos (but peek at her blog for the rest!).
It's funny to have the camera aimed at me.  I know that
everyone is their own worst critic and poor Jessie had
to keep reminding me to smile!
 Jessie's family is from New York, but she grew up in
Alabama, allowing her the perfect combination of East
Coast sass and Southern charm!
She teams up with her husband, Eric, whom we joked that
he puts the 'E' in JessiE!
They're both so much fun to work with!
Fond of antiques, cat lovers and one day Jessie jokes she
will start a hop farm, Eric will brew beer, and I'll have the
bed & breakfast down the block that you can stay in for
the night.  Of course, the barn that is next door will be available
to rent for your wedding, and guess who your florist
and photographers will be...
Please also look at the stunning photos from this
secret wedding that she took.
I'm not kidding, I shed a tear when she described
the day to me!