"I want to" vs "I have to"

This evening I've been attempting to clean up my iphoto.  Edit a few photos that might have been a little blurry as we quickly try to snap them before the party starts.  Sometimes I feel like my iphoto is the land of lost floral images.  I take so.many.pictures.  I still need to learn so much more about the camera, too.  Which reminds me, not only do I need to make time to sit down & figure out the lenses, the rest of my to-do list is enormous at the moment.

*Mail holiday cards.  Right.  First, however, I need stamps (Ordered those online today - no one needs to make an unnecessary trip to the post office this time of year).

*Finish making Xmas gifts.  Okay, have most of the fabric cut out, at least.  I'm almost there.  Maybe a couple of these will be New Year's gifts.

*Write Claire.  I started  letter!  Handwritten letters take time.

*Accounting.  Well, frankly this one never goes away.

*Hang the lights & make ornaments for our little Xmas tree.  We've had the tree for almost a week.  Our first one just shed its needles, and quickly we realized it had been sprayed green.  Add no fragrance to the sad Charlie Brown tree, and I was a little pretty bummed about it.  Last week Davey surprised me by bringing home a new, tiny tree.  Its scent is so perfect and now it needs its glow.   Actually, I want to do this, there just hasn't been enough time.

I'd so much rather be thinking about all the things I want to be doing.  Such as planning a vacation (Paris? Wisconsin?  Who cares where it is?!), practicing the banjo (Davey wrote a new song out for me, but I haven't had the time to practice), be sitting somewhere warm & not rainy (Truthfully I can't complain about this weather.  It's 50 degrees in December).  I can get so much more used to the "I want to do" lists, rather than the "I have to do" lists.


Back in September we worked at Salvatore's & managed to snap a couple of photos.


This one above is the bridesmaid bouquet.


Last night I started reading a book about the Chicago parks called City in a Garden.  There are so many wonderful photos, and a simple little bit of history.  I'm excited to be that nerd who rattles off information as we drive through Humboldt, Douglas or Lincoln Park.  Chicago's parks are very well designed and quite beautiful.  It makes me very happy to read all about them.

Unrelated, did you know we have a Pinterest page?  It's a lot of fun, and you can watch our style boards as we plan for 2012 & 2013 weddings.  Check it out right HERE.

Hope you're enjoying a relaxing evening!