New York, New York

Late May's 50 degree weather and buckets full of rain seems to be the norm these days.  The peonies are late to bloom and it has been too wet for my evening walks at dusk.  However, today I decided to allow the chill & the soppiness slow me down for a moment and finally update all of you on my recent trip to New York!

My lovely friend & floral soul sister Natalie of Hello Darling and I flew out to the Big Apple to attend the Sage Wedding Pro's Simple Plan workshop.  With Fleur's 10 year anniversary approaching next year I thought this was the perfect opportunity to take a step back and think a little bit about the business.  Where we've been, how our style has changed and how to we actually see Fleur.  I really have to thank Joan from Five Grain Events for introducing me to the Sage ladies, this little workshop/conference helped me to set time aside only to think about the business.  Re-evaluating profit margins, time management, encouraging better communication with staff & freelancers and beginning to write up a new mission statement are just a few of the very important topics we discussed.  In an industry surrounded by so many DIY projects thee last thing we want is a DIY business.  With all that being said and still a little reflection ahead, we are changing things step by step around here, beginning with some really big & really exciting website updates.  And a few new thoughts and ideas for our boutique storefront.  I'm *really* excited to begin sharing everything with you!!

One of the highlight for the trip was a stop into the New York floral market.  I think the NY market is every florist's dream (aside from Holland).  Oodles of product, so beautiful and so large that Natalie and I walked around oohing over the garden roses, the allium, the tweedia... the TWEEDIA!  We each snapped a ridiculous amount of photos, excited and bubbling with ideas.

This bell shaped frittilaria almost made me cry, it's so beautiful.

And I'm ready to make little pillows out of this plush astilbe.

Natalie is adorable!

I still remember the first time I visited a floral wholesaler some 13 years ago.  I remember my favorite flowers at the time was peach stock (oh, how we've come a long way!) and I still to this day adore its spicy fragrance.  Seeing a new market for the first time was such a treat and reminded me why I love working with flowers.


But back to biz.  As a small business owner it's easy to just run through the motions of the day and forget about taking the time to step back and really calculate whether your decisions are the right ones.  It's wonderful to continue to learn and move with the ebbs and flows of the wedding industry.  Planning weddings with over 70 couples a year, sometimes you forget to plan things out for yourself.  I really think that the Sage Wedding Pro ladies, Michelle & Kelly, are hitting the mark.   Plus, we met an incredible group of talented wedding professionals, a few whom I'm hoping to see soon in July!   I'm so happy to have flown out to that Big Apple to take in a little breathing time and focus on Fleur.  You'll all be very excited to see the changes happening soon.

(P.S.  We also had a little fun while out there.., more on that later!)