The Big Night at Near North Montessori 2017

It was a thrill to once again be a part of Near North Montessori's fundraiser for financial aid.  We love giving back, and especially to a wonderful school, helping kids who otherwise could not afford to attend. Held at Salvage One (One of our favorite locations), it was truly a beautiful evening!  Here are just a few snaps we took of the evening.  The palette of gold, champagne and silver is definitely one of our favorites.  Enjoy!

Flowers by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc
Flowers designed by Fleur Inc

Wedding brunch style shoot

Oh, finally!  I have been waiting just shy of a month to share this shoot with you!!  Suzy Rohan from Lily Red StudioJaclyn Simpson and myself worked on a style shoot at Salvage One for Elizabeth Anne Designs.  You can see so many additional photos of this right HERE.  If you love it, post a little comment on the EAD page telling us your thoughts.  That counts as a vote for us because this is actually a contest!  :)  Oh, and check in a few weeks The Sweetest Occasion for more images!!








This was just beyond fun to work on, and I am always in awe of how wonderfully talented these two ladies are!  Our post also included lots of DIY instructions provided by Suzy!  Take a look at those HERE.


A very special thank you to Ami from Elizabeth Anne Designs and Cyd from The Sweetest Occasion for posting our photos for the Inspired Creations contest!


peach sunset

It's a little funny to think that just a few days ago I was admiring this sunset walking along the beach with my love and witnessed a shark 15' away from shore, while on the way home to a delicious BBQ with my parents, Ricardo & Monique.  What a fantastic little getaway!  I didn't think about Fleur for a second (not that I don't love all of you, but everyone ocassionally becomes a little sick of those they love the most.)!

Neridness brought about discussions whether palm trees are coniferous or deciduous (turns out they're evergreens).  Everyone searched for shark teeth and we fished.  Drank tea on the little deck and watched the waves.  I can get used to that & now I understand why people retire.

Of course, I returned to piles of estimates to write and update.  Admittedly, my sunburn and time away are & always will be worth it.


On a separate note, my recent memories of my relaxing vacation near the mysterious and beautiful waters of the Gulf remind of today's Tsunami.  How the sea is so unpredictable.  Nature is the most humbling presence and there was no doubt of it while we watched the waves crash & discussed it's strength against the shore.  My thoughts & heart go out to all affected by today's earthquake and tsunami.  I wish you all peace and strength.


One week from today I'll be on the beaches of Florida.  I can't really think about it yet, because there is so much to do.  The list grows longer & longer & longer.  But today is my day off, and I am going to knit & sear tuna for dinner with Davey.  Knowing me, I'll probably write a proposal too, even though I promised myself I wouldn't.

Caleb made these for a wedding yesterday.  I think they're gorgeous.

Frosty days

The reports are calling for snow showers tonight, but who really knows.  I'd love to wake up tomorrow to a palette of white and the smell of frosty snowflakes in the air.  It's much better than the tiring, grey, dismal days we've had.  In addition to dirty snow on the ground, WHERE IS THE SUNSHINE?  Normally I prefer an overcast afternoon, but this cloudiness is messing with my schedule.  I have had WAY too much to do and the darkness makes me tired!  Someone told me that Chicago has just as many cloudy days as Seattle, and I'm anxious to look that up & see if it's true.


So we're trying to help with those winter blues a little.  Starting with tomorrow's wedding which I'll post about next week.


And our terrarium workshop on January 29th!


This is the first little weekend event of many we have planned for 2011.  They're open all day long during business hours. Walk in, see a mock up, listen to a brief demo, and voila!  Start making!  Prices begin at $20.00 to make your own lil' terrarium.  We plan on some others such as making your own hand tied bouquet, how to make a boutonniere,  springtime bulbs, and we're taking suggestions.  What would YOU like to see?


This year is really looking positive.  I'm so geeked out with literally every single one of our clients so far!  And fun additional projects here and there.  Such as the Macy's Flower Show, which you'll see us at again.  Shhh....  I'm terrible at keeping surprises.  Secrets, yes.  Surprises no.  For example this afternoon I saw a jar of old man candy I knew Davey would love.  That buttery hard candy, totally old fashioned and it's handmade.  I was planning on leaving it out for him so he would find it when he came home from work, but no.  As soon as I walked in he asked what I picked up at the grocery market and I said, "Salad greens and rye bread."  P A U S E  "And I bought you a surprise jar of candy!!!!!!"  Christ, get ahold of yourself Kelly.

Anyway.., Look at that peony.  Sigh...  Sometimes springtime brides tell me that they don't like peonies and I tell them flat out that they are out of their minds.


Oh, and hey.  Frosty Weddings also loves Susan & Robert.  Jeez, you guys are famous!

Banjos & Blooms

Remember Pip & Brian?

Well, they're all done & hitched, living the newlywed life!  I truly mean it when I say this couple is just outstanding.  Looking through their flowers I mostly remember the smiles they both wore all day long.  They couldn't have been happier.

Here are just a few teasers from Jamie Hartley Photography.  Her new website will be up soon!

All the centerpieces were arranged in milk glass pedestals.  So pretty!!  My milk glass collection is a bit crazy, and rather than pack them all away in boxes, they are stacked on a shelf in our prep room so they can be admired all day long.

And even though it's December, I don't think it's too late (or early?) to look at images of these gorgeous Toulouse Lautrec yellow garden roses.  And those beautiful dahlias!

They're so beautiful, I can't wait to see them again next year!!  We were squealing every time these dinner plate sized beauties arrived.  And they're grown locally.  :)

And this boutonniere makes me so happy.  Filled with little buttons Pip provided, because her nickname for Brian is button. <3

The ceremony was at the Columbus Park Refectory which offers such a regal and elegant back ground for the ceremony (The link right there shows images from Vrai Photography of another wedding we worked on at the space!).

Pip's bridal bouquet is one of my favorites!  Those roses are just outstanding and I love the touch of blue tweedia scattered among the orange and yellow.

And of course, I have to show you a photo of this banjo (no, it's not mine).  Pip & Brian hired an incredible bluegrass band for the ceremony and reception.  I'm always a sucker for a banjo.


Ranunculus & Astilbe

Some very pretty flowers we made for Carolyn & Evan this past weekend.  I first met with Carolyn and her mother, Meri, not that long ago and as they began to describe their vision I became more and more excited.  Our styles are incredibly similar.  Birch, trailing ribbons, paper-mache-like blooms, soft, elegant, dreamy.  This is what we came up with.

Ranunculus, astile, snowberry, garden roses, sweetheart roses, lisianthus and wild grasses composed the majority of her bridal bouquet.

There were also some gorgeous dahlias.

Below is just a photo from my cell phone, but I still am pretty excited about the centerpieces.  They're so lush and full, in containers made out of birch.

The reception was held at The Esplanade, and I'll have more images soon of the inside space.

They had matching tall centerpieces made with willow, hydrangea and hanging votives tied with robin's egg blue ribbon.  Kinda dreamy and spectacular.

Congratulations to Carolyn and Evan!!!

Bahareh's Bouquet

This past weekend Bahareh & Justin celebrated their Persian wedding ceremony.  Upset I was unable to attend because I was working, I was honored when last minute B called and asked me to make her bridal bouquet.  I sent her a couple of emails and gave a description of what it would look like, which she described as moonlight.  That's just one of the reasons I adore her so much.



And of course, we can't forget Justin's boutonniere!

Congratulations to Justin & Bahareh!!!!!!

Pip and Brian (part 2)

Remember those amazing photos a few posts back from Pip and Brian's engagement session?  I didn't want to ruin the surprise by giving away too many, because they were featured on Style Me Pretty.  Take a peak, it's just gosh darn adorable! Jennifer Kathryn & Jaclyn Simpson took these wonderful photos at Videnovich Farms.  Pip & Brian were so much fun to work with.  And we also set up a mock up of some potential ideas for a weddings table.  Ranunculus, garden roses, billy balls, lilac doubled tulips, smoke bush, fever few and a few additional wildflowers formed a bouquet, boutonniere and filled vintage blue vases.  Lace and yellow ribbon draped across the table with yellow goblets for drinks.  Blue mason jars completed the flowers with additional votive candles.  The blue, yellow & white color palette is so much fun to work with.  The mixture of cool and warm palettes paired with neutral white leave the atmosphere as being almost void of season.  You can really used it any time of the year.

So, enjoy this post and be sure to look at the others featured at Style Me Pretty for more.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and enjoy the days as summer slowly moves into autumn!

~ xo ~