Halfway through the season

This is the time of the year I notice myself becoming a little more tired than normal.  Wedding season is exhausting.  It's also incredibly invigorating and fills you with adrenaline.  However, after months of 12-14 hour days of making bouquets and arrangements, meetings and updates and emails and then arriving the next morning with finishing touches and packing it all and loading it into the van and then traveling and unloading it and transferring it and then picking it all back up again when the event is over.  This is really a lot of work.  I can't complain, but sometimes I do reflect.


I don't want to talk about weddings for a moment, I need a break. The other night Dave and I watched Friday the 13th, which was my first time.  I'm not sure that it was the wisest decision for me to watch, as I am a true baby and scare easily.  I mean, it's not the most terrifying movie, but I do love camping and in late July I'll be in Minnesota visiting family at the lake house and I just KNOW something is in the water. ..

However, I wanted to watch the movie because I knew that Peter Doig had painted the canoe scene.  It was a little suspenseful, not wondering who was murdering all the poor, young campers.   Rather the suspense came while waiting to witness the scene that inspired Doig to paint his canoe image.  I'm not sure why it struck me as so beautiful and serene.   Perhaps because I had sat through the entire movie with to see it.  But I loved the reflection in the water.  The duality of images and of life, the blurs between reality and insanity.  I miss talking about paintings and art.  I miss painting.  Immediately after watching the movie we flipped through my Peter Doig book and discussed color and imagery.

There is also something really incredible about flipping reflection images upside down.

We moved a bunch of our books on painters to the coffee table in the living room.  I'm not sure why we stacked them on the bookcases in the back.  I love art books.  I love pulling inspiration from them into my floral work.  I love seeing their color when I listen to music.  I love adapting imagery as a way of life, and I love observing how others see and interpret the world.  It's nice to leave your comfort zone every now and them and think about other possibilities.