November at the Langham Hotel

Last November was one of our favorite weddings.  Reception held at the Langham Hotel, the palette was elegant, soft and approachable.  The dreamy and exquisite photos from Clary Pfeiffer capture the day perfectly! A huge congratulations to Caroline and Brian!

To see even more images you can visit the write up from Magnolia Rouge.

Floral by Fleur Inc, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Floral by Fleur Inc, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Floral by Fleur Inc, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Candles by Fleur Inc, Calligraphy by Allie Hasson, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Floral by Fleur Inc, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer
Floral by Fleur Inc, Photo by Clary Pfeiffer

Alexa & Jordan

Brunch weddings are so great.  Really just great.  Partly being a morning person, but also because who doesn't love brunch?!  Mini pancakes, french toast kabobs and champagne with orange juice (Let's be real, I always skip the OJ).  This brunch wedding just about two weeks ago could not be more perfect!  Inspired by Rifle Paper Co (One of our favorite lines that we carry in the boutique) Alexa & Jordan styled their gorgeous and romantic morning wedding with the sweetest details.  Teamed with the stylish Estera Events, photographed by the sweet and talented Cristina G Photography, and hosted at the Four Season Hotel, well now, that's just perfection!

Congratulations to Alexa & Jordan!!!

Photo by Cristina G, Flowers by Fleur, peonies, garden roses, anemones, ranunuclus

Gilded seeded eucalyptus, garden roses, peonies, anemones, it's just so sweet.

Photo by Cristina G, Flowers by Fleur, hypericum boutonniere


Photo by Cristina G Photography, Bridesmaid bouquet by Fleur


Photo by Cristina G, flowers by Fleur, Romantic chuppah at the Four Seasons Hotel~~~

Photo by Cristina G, floral by Fleur, Place-card table~~~

Photo by Cristina G Photography, flowers by Fleur,


It's Leap Day, and the word "leap" is sticking out today.  The strides we've made (especially in the last few years) are large & long.  Although sometimes tiring, we're so very proud of all our work and so very grateful for your support.  Thank you!!!
In other news, here is a beautiful Chicago wedding from this past November.  When I met Anna, I thought she was a designer.  Her ideas were so beautiful & well thought out.  Mix-matched metallics & crystal embellishments contrasted with soft blooms and deep textures.  Enjoy!

Anna's bouquet, above, is rich in texture.


The following photos are dreamy, and all from Pen Carlson.




Congratulations to Anna & Chris!!  And a lovely nod to Courtney Callahan Paper, Chicago Lighting DesignDettagli Weddings, Spiaggia, & Pen Carlson!!


One week from today I'll be on the beaches of Florida.  I can't really think about it yet, because there is so much to do.  The list grows longer & longer & longer.  But today is my day off, and I am going to knit & sear tuna for dinner with Davey.  Knowing me, I'll probably write a proposal too, even though I promised myself I wouldn't.

Caleb made these for a wedding yesterday.  I think they're gorgeous.

sleepy blooms

I’m feeling romantic today.  It’s the weather, it’s thoughts of our trip we’re planning to Paris next year, it’s the little love notes I’ve been finding that Davey hid throughout the apartment for valentine’s day, it’s the excitement from our friends and our clients.

I’ve been reading blogs about moving to Paris.  I’ve wanted to move there forever.  Although now is not the time for me, I’ve also once again realized that I can do anything I want to if I plan for it.  That kind of stuff makes me excited. I like what I do.

These are some of our valentine's day deliveries.  Our staff is incredible and worked really hard this year.

To all of you who came in last minute surprised we were out of flowers, I scold you.  You were not alone, however now you know that for next year you must pre order the flowers.

There is so much more to write, to share with you, but I'm exhausted.  Good night. xo

A Valentine's Day Post (Part 2)

Leanne & Gordon just can't be any cuter!!

Styling this shoot was so fun because it was kept so simple.  We just wanted L & G  to glow, which clearly they did!  Add a plateful of *delicious* sweets, adorable cross stitch from our dear friend Alexia, and a taxidermy deer head, well.., nothing says Valentine's Day like that!

The flowers in those adorable vintage milk glass vases include anemones, ranunculus, peonies, garden roses and miniature artichokes.

These two cannot stop smiling!

~~~Alexia's cross stitch are just so dear!!!  We have a few available at Fleur, and she will customize them as well.  I gave Davey a trio for Christmas and they actually brought tears to his eyes!!  Which, of course, caused me to well up.

You can see even more photos on Elizabeth Anne Designs, one of my most favorite wedding blogs!!

All of these photos were taking my husband & wife team, Eric & Jessie from Simply Jessie .  I can't rave about this duo enough.  Aside from being incredibly talented photographers they are truly wonderful people and I feel beyond fortunate to call them my friends.  I love our time spent together sipping coffee or beer, planning new projects and texting cats photos back and forth.


I first fell in love with their images when I saw this amazing Secret Wedding shoot.  It felt so personal and so full of warmth.  Their photos really draw out physical emotion from me (I can't help it, I am such a romantic!).  We've worked together on some great projects such as Susan & Robert's engagement shoot and have some really fantastic things planned for the future.  Thank you, Eric & Jessie for being so much fun to work with and such wonderful friends!!!


Valentine's Day is under a week away.  We're going to have a lot of beautiful blooms around.

I hope you're staying warm today!!

Frosty days

The reports are calling for snow showers tonight, but who really knows.  I'd love to wake up tomorrow to a palette of white and the smell of frosty snowflakes in the air.  It's much better than the tiring, grey, dismal days we've had.  In addition to dirty snow on the ground, WHERE IS THE SUNSHINE?  Normally I prefer an overcast afternoon, but this cloudiness is messing with my schedule.  I have had WAY too much to do and the darkness makes me tired!  Someone told me that Chicago has just as many cloudy days as Seattle, and I'm anxious to look that up & see if it's true.


So we're trying to help with those winter blues a little.  Starting with tomorrow's wedding which I'll post about next week.


And our terrarium workshop on January 29th!


This is the first little weekend event of many we have planned for 2011.  They're open all day long during business hours. Walk in, see a mock up, listen to a brief demo, and voila!  Start making!  Prices begin at $20.00 to make your own lil' terrarium.  We plan on some others such as making your own hand tied bouquet, how to make a boutonniere,  springtime bulbs, and we're taking suggestions.  What would YOU like to see?


This year is really looking positive.  I'm so geeked out with literally every single one of our clients so far!  And fun additional projects here and there.  Such as the Macy's Flower Show, which you'll see us at again.  Shhh....  I'm terrible at keeping surprises.  Secrets, yes.  Surprises no.  For example this afternoon I saw a jar of old man candy I knew Davey would love.  That buttery hard candy, totally old fashioned and it's handmade.  I was planning on leaving it out for him so he would find it when he came home from work, but no.  As soon as I walked in he asked what I picked up at the grocery market and I said, "Salad greens and rye bread."  P A U S E  "And I bought you a surprise jar of candy!!!!!!"  Christ, get ahold of yourself Kelly.

Anyway.., Look at that peony.  Sigh...  Sometimes springtime brides tell me that they don't like peonies and I tell them flat out that they are out of their minds.


Oh, and hey.  Frosty Weddings also loves Susan & Robert.  Jeez, you guys are famous!


Occasionally the holidays feel like this:

That's a busy afternoon at Fleur.  And our little elves have been making some really beautiful arrangements.  Caleb made these, and on that last post.., Caitlin created the arrangement.




Today I learned something valuable.  No matter how much you need a cup of caffeine, do NOT stop in a bakery when you are hungry.  I guarantee you will walk out with one red velvet cupcake too many.


Peonies and yellows and a cute, cute couple

This is Susan from Sparrow, and Robert from Mode Carpentry and Longman & Eagle.  They own businesses right around the corner from us in Logan Square and they're engaged.

Simply Jessie took all these amazing photos.

You can find more of them HERE and HERE.

And Sarah Drake Design created some paper and fabric adorableness.

We created a little sweet heart table for them at the Inn above Longman & Eagle, which Robert designed and built.  Any of my out of town friends will indeed be staying here.  In fact, I'm ready to move in.  It's fresh, simple and filled with repurposed material.  And there is a cassette desk.  Oh man, don't you remember making mix tapes??!  Mix cd's just don't cut it.

This table setting is honestly one of my favorites.  It's a bit rustic with the grape vine and birch on the table, yet filled with somewhat traditional and lush blooms.  But still modern with those amazing bitch etched wine glasses (We sell them at Fleur) and the awesome yellow chairs.  The colors.., light blue, yellow and cream are wonderful for the season as well.  I love the blue-yellow combo in general these days.

Thank you Susan & Robert and to Simply Jessie and Sarah Drake Designs for all the creativity!!


So, whatyadoing?

We've had a whole lotta this going on these days.  Busy!  Busy!  Busy!

Claire's bridal bouquet from this past weekend complete with succulents, china berry, ranunculus, dusty miller and more.

Peonies, ranunculus, anemones...

Our newest candle line, Linnea's Lights!  Hand poured by Mother & Daughter.  Amber is my favorite scent.  It's creamy and sweet.  Perhaps I'm biased because I've worn amber oil on and off for the past 12 years.

Saipua Soap, made in Brooklyn, another Mother & Daughter team.  Saipua is the Finnish word for soap.  I'm Finnish.  The daughter of this duo owns a flower shop.  We felt it was meant to be.

Becky & Matt

Becky & Matt were married this past May.
Her colors were just beautiful and she
put so much personality and thought into everything.
The bouquets were bound with material she provided.
The tables were set with squares of
fabric complimenting the bouquets.
And her bouquet was the most amazing
cluster of coral peonies.
Here are some gorgeous images by Pamela Luedeke.
Except for this first one,
which we took in the storefront while packing.
You can see more images of Becky & Matt
featured here in
Style Unveiled.
Such a lovely array of delphinium, peonies,
tulips, hydrangea, ranunculus and more, all packed
up and ready to go!
Becky's vintage necklace is just stunning!
Those coral peonies are just incredible!
I love her vintage broach!!
The bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, too!
This little angel is holding one of the
 bridesmaid bouquets and is too cute!!
The centerpieces had such a whimsical design with their tins!
Congratulations to Becky & Matt!!

June weddings

Joanna and Kit were married this past June.

I really just love this family.  A few years back I had the honor of working with Joanna's sister, Alana for her wedding flowers.  So of course I was completely touched when they called again!

Joanna's father is an avid gardener and actually grew the flowers for her bridal bouquet.  This just topped the adorable chart (the chart that makes your eyes well up) and I bragged about it to all of my clients.  Unfortunately the flowers bloomed too early!  Regardless, the sentiment stayed the entire planning process and is one of the most endearing thoughts ever!

Here are some beautiful images from Brian Carey at Fig Media (Fig doubled up as their DJ, as well) at the Hotel Allegro.

These two are simply adorable.  And Joanna's dress is gorgeous!

Her bouquet featured peonies, dahlias, sweet pea & stock.

The fragrance was outstanding!


The centerpieces were a great mixture of modernity meeting garden elegance.

And all the vases were filled with a few crystals for a beautiful sparkle.

Congratulations to Joanna and Kit!

Darling Fleur's first class!

Last night was the first installment of Darling Fleur's premier floral class!  It was a wonderful success with six lovely ladies!

We'll have some images from Doug McGoldrick soon, but here are some I snapped.  Lots of photos will be on the blog shortly!

Just some of our selection of blooms (See those succulents?  Expect a Summer Succulent class coming up!).

Tipsy Cake provided the most adorable cupcakes!!  And delicious bars were provided by Kind Snacks.

These photos are my arrangement, this morning.  Everyone created such a unique piece and they were all simply delightful!

And you can see a little bit of our vase fabric treatment here, too...

Doug is creating a wonderful photo montage.  You can see a similar one on Hello, Darling's website to know what to expect.

Thank you so much to everyone for being a part of class, we can't wait for the next one!  Details will be coming soon!