Last weekend we celebrated three weddings and three completely different styles.  I also worked with some great photographers who will have better images than me, but for now I thought you might like to see this rather glamourous, 20's inspired bouquet.  The story to this bride and groom is kinda charming.  Leanne and Phil told all their friends that they were eloping to avoid stress from the planning process with the promise of a large party upon their return.  Then they went on a vacation together to some far off, tropical isle.  But there was no far away marriage.  Rather, Leanne and Phil planned a surprise wedding at The Rookery.  The couple's parents and bridal party were the only ones that knew.  Two hundred guests awaited their appearance after a cocktail or two and then the bride and groom walked down the amazing staircase straight towards and officiant.  They were wed among their closest friends, in a beautiful building and it was all a sweet surprise.

I'm completely tickled by this groom's bout right here.  So very cute!  Laura made it!  Okay, now I have to get to work.  There are meetings today and we're making everything for Melissa and Joe tomorrow.  I only have 25 minutes to enjoy a few minutes of quiet morning time, sipping my green tea that Davey brought me home from London.