Ghosts and hot chocolate

So much to tell you!  When was Thanksgiving?  Just a week ago?  I can't even remember, I'm so excited that it's snowing outside!  But first, my birthday get-a-way...  Yes, my Birthday.  I hid from the world on my birthday.  I ran away to Michigan and left you all behind (except, of course, for Mr. Mister).

When was the last time you took some time to sit and do absolutely NOTHING for a few days?  Sip on hot chocolate near a fireplace?  Sit on the front porch to play the banjo & guitar?  Completely lose track of where you are while gazing at the shades of blue emitting from the lake?  Drink a glass of red wine with only the sound of the wind in the trees and the waves rushing in?

So, this place is haunted. And Monday night we were the ONLY TWO GUESTS STAYING AT THE INN!  The man working the front desk stacked logs in the fireplace for us to light, and the grandfather clock rang 5 times.  He left and we were alone.  Excited and totally spooked out of our minds.  We played music together  and a storm rolled in.


I saw a few things out of the corner of my eye.  Ghosts?  I'm not sure that I want to know.  The radiators didn't help with their antique clangs and hisses.

Mugs of hot chocolate, silly spirits by our side, music echoing through the ballroom and pops & cracks from the warming fireplace.  Oh yeah.. and we played chess.  I lost but gave in quite the fight at the end.

And if anyone wants to invest in my dream to buy this home and renovate it into a B & B and build a barn next door that I will rent out for private parties and weddings, you can just mail the checks directly to Fleur.  Cash will be accepted too, I'll write you a receipt.  There will be a chicken coop next to it, and probably some sheep.   Brides and grooms wouldn't *have* to use me to decorate the wedding, but they'd be silly not to.


(p.s. Thank you Shirley, from Wolfbait & B Girls for inviting me to your wedding at the the Lakeside Inn.  I never would have found this if it weren't for you!