Cute to Bout

Boutonnieres or pocket squares? Of course we’re biased, we love a little flower tucked into the lapels of suits and tuxedos. There is something delightfully classic and romantic about accessorizing with a touch of nature. The word “Boutonniere” is French for “Buttonhole Flower, and back in the 16th century these were worn to ward off evil or ill luck. They added a little bit of fragrance & hide less pleasant scents. For a time they were worn on battlefields, denoting the family you represented (Funny that we haven’t seen more flowers in Game of Thrones, come to think of it).

These days boutonnieres are most often seen worn at special occasions. Celebrations such as weddings, proms or a very special date. In the past we saw a single carnation or rose, but fortunately now they are very personalized. Sometimes they are chosen to match other flowers in a wedding, and often we’ve included a stem or two to recognize heritage. We’ve included thistle for a groom who was born in Scotland. We’ve also added rosemary to some, representing remembrance and as a nod to the couple’s love for cooking together.

Here are just a few of our favorite boutonnieres. Classic and also not classic, we hope you enjoy!