Modern Garden at The Joinery

We love weddings that are Logan Square based, and it was such a joy working at The Joinery this past April with Estera Events, Lula Cafe Catering & Nicodem Creative!  We really wish we could do this every weekend!  

The bride's bouquet had just enough of an organic feel with trailing foliage, yet balanced with plush focal blooms. Peonies popped back into season just in time for this wedding!


We absolutely loved installing this hanging floral backdrop with over 250 stems of foliage & blooms!


We are totally in love with their choice of black matte dinner plates!


And of course, always love adding a little height!


Kinfolk Gathering

Just about a month ago (when the weather was significantly warmer), I was invited by my friend Amanda Jane Jones to participate in the Kinfolk Gathering dinner at Camp Wandawega.  Of course I said yes.  Dinner at my favorite place in the world, and the chef happened to be Jason Hammel from Lula Cafe.  It was an incredible night!  Here are just a few images, but check out the amazing recap from Wandawega right HERE!

But first, check out this amazing video of the night from Richard Original right in


Kinfolk Video by Richard Smith

Thanks so much to Amy Jo Royall Photography for the beautiful images!

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Sleepy post

Last night I dreamt that I lived one block away from the beach.  It may have been Lake Michigan, or perhaps an ocean.  I'm not entirely sure, but the neighborhood I lived in was filled with massive homes.  Each was different and the architecture was beautiful.  Glass windows, dark wood, interesting carvings and motifs.   Very old.  Very tall trees.   There was a house that doubled as an antique shop as well (although it appeared abandoned).

Throughout the dream I was mildly frustrated because I didn't feel as though I belonged.  So I started to walk around and that's when the beach was discovered.  There were a lot of people sitting, reading, sunning, chatting.  The sky & water were very blue.  Kind of a french blue and a robin's egg blue and everyone was wearing a shade of blue but the sand was definitely more of a cornstarch color.  Anway.., as soon as I saw the beach I liked the neighborhood I lived in because I realized that


I even rationalized this in my dream.  I *needed* the water for balance, because I am a fire sign.   Half an hour, every morning, I would sit in the sand and ~relax~ before I went anywhere.

In this same dream I also was a geologist.  I was sifting through the sand and collecting many different geodes.  And discussing limestone.  And in my dream, limestone reminded of "The Never Ending Story."  I didn't examine specimens for very long, but it was extremely satisfying.  Notebooks were filled with information and bowls of rock sorted.

I also dreamt about a spider web, a large one.  Actually many, in a massive yard.  I didn't like that part of the dream, although admittedly, they were quite beautiful and glimmered as though wet.  My "R.E.M.-self" should have rationalized that they were actually just beautiful yards of lace.


These blurry photos are from Lula Cafe, one of my very favorite restaurants.  Logan Square Auditorium houses the both of us.  You should try dinner there sometime.  Brunch is particularly yummy as well.  And their flowers are nice, too.  ;)

(And I met my beau there...)

They're also part of Nightwood , where I ate on Monday.

But now I'm completely ready for some sleep.., after I read a little first.  If I can, I'm becoming a bit delusional (I'm tired)  Floundering between the dining room and kitchen I'm going to pour a glass of water.  I am, possibly for the first time in 8.5 years, caught up on ALL my emails, ALL my estimates, ALL my proposals.  And I will remain so until I wake up in the morning.  By then the mailbox will be full (and I'm expecting a coupla' 2-3 couples to be kinda (super) excited about what is in *their* mailboxes).  So I leave you with one more image that kinda sums up how I am feeling (I brought these flowers home for myself tonight).  Blurry cuz I'm sleepy, but filled with thoughts of colors, textures and things that grow.  Not bad.., I bet I'm going to dreamt something pleasant, once again.

Simply Jessie Photography

Last week my new friend Jessie stopped by the flower shop.
We ate breakfast at Lula and talked about some of
our favorite things which include botanicals, travels and
a love for heat and humidity (a comment I retracted last night!).
She snapped some beautiful photos
and interviewed me, which you can read about here.
Here are a few of the photos (but peek at her blog for the rest!).
It's funny to have the camera aimed at me.  I know that
everyone is their own worst critic and poor Jessie had
to keep reminding me to smile!
 Jessie's family is from New York, but she grew up in
Alabama, allowing her the perfect combination of East
Coast sass and Southern charm!
She teams up with her husband, Eric, whom we joked that
he puts the 'E' in JessiE!
They're both so much fun to work with!
Fond of antiques, cat lovers and one day Jessie jokes she
will start a hop farm, Eric will brew beer, and I'll have the
bed & breakfast down the block that you can stay in for
the night.  Of course, the barn that is next door will be available
to rent for your wedding, and guess who your florist
and photographers will be...
Please also look at the stunning photos from this
secret wedding that she took.
I'm not kidding, I shed a tear when she described
the day to me!