We post so many photos of our special events, that we sometimes forget to post about the Boutique!  Did you know that we have a brick and mortar retail which is 1800 Sq Ft of gifts, jewelry, flowers and more?  Here are a few images from this past month.  Stop by, our selection is always rotating!

Logan Square Shopping, Fleur Inc, Pride Month
Incausa Incense in Logan Square, Fleur Inc
Logan Square Shopping, Fleur Inc
Zoe Chicco Jewelry available in Logan Square, Fleur Inc
Logan Square Shopping, Fleur Inc

Moira K Lime's Bridal Jewelry

Today my friend Moira K Lime stopped in the shop and we took some photos of her new bridal line of jewelry.  I'm guessing that you know we carry her every day line at the shop, but wanted to tell you a little about her special occasion collection.Looking at her pieces and deciding which to photograph (not an easy task), I was really caught by her combination of classic elements and modern design.  Such as pearls with beautiful floral and succulent inspired focal points.  They're statement pieces and at the same time very dainty and delicate.

I own a few of her rings (and perhaps a set of earrings) and every time I wear them I receive compliments.  I don't know which is my favorite.  Maybe the lava rock.  No.., it's a toss up with the blue milk stone.  Both of the settings in my rings are similar to the earrings above.

My Mom also owns one of Moira's rings, which she loves.  I remember when she picked it out she asked me if it was "too young" for her.  Aside from thinking that's adorably charming, I said no way.  Moira's jewelry really transcends age.  Their simplicity is combined together with wonderful craftmanship and beautiful materials.

This piece above was inspired by a spindly succulent (I have to look up the exact name, but my succulent book is in the back room which is currently freezing.  I'll find it tomorrow once the sun is out).

This last photo is a bit blurry.  I'm still learning how to use my new lens.  But I thought the petals of these earrings resembled these quince blossoms.


You can see more of her bridal jewelry here.  She'll customize something for you if you like.  How beautiful would it be to carry a clematis bloom or pear blossom in your bridal bouquet with a necklace inspired by them?  Or perhaps for your bridesmaids.  Their jewelry can compliment your flowers...


Anyway, I just wanted to share her artistry with you because aside from her being a wonderful friend and neighbor (working and living out of Logan Square), she is an incredible artist.  Now it's Friday night.  We've survived Chicago's blizzard (and the crazy, post cabin fever drivers on the road this afternoon).  I made Italian lentil stew, watched the swirls of snowflakes twirl and dance across the street, and walked through tunnels of snow to find a glass of red wine and some cheese.  Admittedly, I didn't mind closing for a few days.  We caught up on sleep, I took a two hour nap, knit and pretended I was at a lodge in the Swiss Alps with hot chocolate next to my imaginary fireplace, wearing the perfect ski bunny sweater.


Now I'm going to begin my biography of Constance Spry and drink a glass of red ignoring the freezing temperatures outside.  Constance is most definitely going to inspire some Valentine design bliss in the upcoming weeks.  Society florists are an unconventional kind.