Billy & Amanda

Billy & Amanda are some very dear friends of mine.
This past spring they were wed in Red Rock, Nevada.
Everything about this wedding was beautiful,
simple and so well done.
The flowers were shipped out with our
little caravan of friends and made the afternoon before.
These are just a few images from friend and
photographer, Dave Neville.
Because we have "that" kind of sense of humor, Amanda
and I agreed that Billy's boutonniere needed to have some
Billy Ball's included.  Billy Balls are also
called caspedia.  There is no nice way about them.
Billy & Amanda love to fish, so we included little fishing flies
into the boutonnieres.
Amanda's bouquet was kept in the ice bucket while we
drove out to the desert in a limo, while sipping
champagne.  Because that's just
the way we roll.
The starkness and simplicity of the two small ceremony
arrangements was a really great accent to the
gorgeous and vast landscape.
Congratulations to Billy and Amanda!