Town & Country Magazine

This late afternoon we noticed someone taking photos in front of our new storefront.  This was incredible sweet, because we noticed it happened to be an engagement session (Fact about me, I really melt when I see engagement sessions and first looks).  This little group of people popped inside the shop for a second and to my complete surprise and joy the photographer was an old friend whom I haven't seen in years.  Heather from Kingensmith Photography.  We quickly caught up and then she shared some exciting news with me.  Town and Country Magazine had recently published an article listing some of the top florists & Fleur was included in that!  Heather, thank you so much for the exciting news, but it was also so incredible to see a neighbor and old friend! Hope to bump into you & Rick sometime soon at Buona Terra!

A big hug to Heather for sending us these photos of the article, and you can bet that tomorrow we're going to run out & pick up a copy as well!

Fleur in the press~~~

Fleur in the press, Town and Country magazine


Fleur in the press, Town and Country magazine