Watercolors & floral design class at Fleur!

  This past January we held our first watercolor and floral design class in the boutique!  This unique session taught the basics of floral design by our lead designer, Janessa, followed up with the sweetest watercolor instruction by Cindy Phelan.  Not only did you take home your arrangements of flowers, you had a life long version of them as well.  We loved this class, because partnering with other creatives is beyond exciting, and passing on our tricks of the trade and meeting such brilliant students is rewarding to no end!  Also, many hugs and thanks to the incredible Jennifer Kathryn Photography who took these photos.  It was nearly impossible to choose which ones to post!

(PS Cindy takes custom orders, a beautiful way to remember your wedding bouquet!)

Have you signed up our Dutch Masters class yet? Read more about that floral experience HERE!

Fleur Workshops, Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Fleur Workshops, Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Fleur Workshops, Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Fleur Workshops, Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography
Fleur Workshops, Photo by Jennifer Kathryn Photography

Let's Party! (Part 2)

I'm biased, but I think our anniversary party was pretty much awesome town.  All the vendors who helped me out are basically the reason why.  Thank you SO much to Jennifer Kathryn Photography who took all these wonderful photos of the work from Curry Cruiser, Truffle Truffle & Three Floyds beer!!  This party would not have been nearly as amazing without their support!

Truffle Truffle provided the most amazing sweets!  They provide some of the most beautiful and unique wedding sweets tables and gift favors.  Oh, their s'mores!!! And beer truffles!  Marshmallows!!!
The Curry Cruiser came along and created some custom deliciousness in the form of curry tacos for the party!!!  This super-fantastic Indian street food will soon be coming to a store near you!!
(Above photo from Jaclyn Simpson)
And to wash it all down, we had Three Floyd's Pride & Joy!
(Above & remaining photos below from Jaclyn Simpson)

Even Kitty came out for the event!
Thank you again, for making this party and the last 10 years and incredible as they have been.  The future is very exciting, with a lot in store.

Lesley & Matt

This past September I worked with a lovely couple, brought to us by Greatest Expectations.  The apricot, peach palette with a touch of coral & pale blue are so soothing and warm, and the fabulous Jennifer Kathryn caught all the wonderful moments of the day.  You can see lots of more of the amazing images from the day at Elizabeth Anne Designs!!!  Thank you so much for featuring us, and thank you to such an incredible team!!










Congratulations to Lesley & Matt!!!!

Fairytale bouquets

Not too long ago Caleb worked with some clients on the personals for their hand fasting.  The ceremony & reception were both at The Chicago Botanical Gardens, one of the most beautiful place in the Chicagoland area to visit.  They could not have chosen a more perfect aesthetic to share their vows.  The incredibly talented and wonderful Jennifer Kathryn just shared this beautiful images with us.

Juliette garden roses matched the florets on her gown.  Jasmine & kiwi vine added an overgrown, romantic touch to the bouquet and the soft colors were nicely contrasted with a few chocolate fiddle head ferns.

The bridesmaid bouquets featured garden roses, hydrangea & dusty miller.

Groom & Groomsmen wore simple callas with jasmine & fiddle head ferns.

It was a beautiful day on 7-7-11!  Congratulations to the beautiful couple!!!

Style Unveiled, Bouquet & Dress Challenge

A few weeks ago Style Unveiled sent out a challenge to florists.  Choose a dress from a selection they chose, and create a bridal bouquet to complement the gown.  Designing your own thoughts with a little inspiration is always SO much fun for me, so if course I jumped at the opportunity.  Plus, it's aways a sure delight to work with the ladies at Style Unveiled!  Here is one image from our interpretation of this BHLDN gown.  You can view lots more right HERE!  And, thank you So So So much to my incredible friend and talented photographer, Jennifer Kathryn, for the gorgeous images!!!

Happy Earth Day! Greening your wedding!

It's Earth Day!  We consider "being green" a lot more than just a trend.  It's been a lifestyle for us the past nine years!

Here are a few ways we do our best to care about the planet as well as a few wedding suggestions keeping Mother Nature in mind.

Locally grown flowers  are the most wonderful kind, and when in season we use lots of them.  There are a lot of farms in Wisconsin, Indiana & Michigan (aside from Illinois) that truck into the city after an early morning harvest so we can pick the freshest blooms from them.  They come direct from the farm eliminating the middle man, extra trucking, extra packaging and extra cost there so that money goes straight to our farmer's pockets.  Many of these farms grow all varieties of crops and do their best to offer organic or pesticide free produce, and we all know how important that is.

This gorgeous bridal bouquet designed by Caleb is comprised of all locally grown flowers.  The bride provided her own canisters as vases on the table which she then up-cycled and used in her home.

We also use lots of vintage vases and other vessels for weddings.  They're rented and we find them while we salvage through estate sales and antique malls, therefore not contributing to the process of MAKING MORE THINGS.  They're old, they're pretty, we like them.  Blue mason jars, compotes, rustic boxes, milk glass, salvaged candle pillars.  Our vintage collection is entirely 2nd hand and not only helps reduce waste by reusing, it also look amazing at weddings.

Photo above from Jennifer Kathryn & Jaclyn Simpson Photography.  Photo below from Dean Thorsen Photography.

You might be surprised to find out how much we love plants around here at Fleur.  And we love terrariums.  Using potted plants at weddings is a wonderful way to stay green as well as offer guests the most lovely take away gift.  See our previous post on how to create your own terrarium!

Photo below by Jennifer Kathryn Photography.

And be non traditional with your party decor!  Wheat grass is amazing!  Use lots of beeswax candles!  There are so many ideas out there, and very simple to find.

Here are a few more great links for greening your wedding: The Green Guide Bride, Eco Wedding and  The Great Green Wedding.


I also make staff a little crazy with going green.  We reuse all of our floral deliver boxes to ship your flowers to your wedding.  The leftovers are returned to our wholesaler to be reused or recycled.  This may sound a little over the top, but makes a huge difference.., we rarely use paper towels at Fleur.  We have lots and lots of rags to wipe down counters, dust, dry our hands and clean.  When they're dirty I bring them home to launder and use eco-friendly detergent.  We also try our best to limit our water in-take (and we're fixing that sink next week!).  All our soaps and spray cleaners are all from Seventh Generation cleaning supplies and we suggest rather than adding floral "food" to your fresh cut flowers, change the water daily and wash the vase.  Add a few ice cubes to keep bacteria from forming.


And what do I do at home?  I'm that person that guerilla-style recycles everything.  Since we don't have the blue recycling bins in our neighborhood, Davey and I bring all our paper, plastic and glass to neighborhoods that DO have them.  We also turn off the water while we brush our teeth.  I pay most of my bills online.  We're careful to turn off our lights when we leave rooms and I use wheat litter for Bootleg & Tippie's litter box.


Our world is very special.  I hope you enjoy this Earth Day and every other day as well.


Fronds for you!

Back in January we offered a little terrarium workshop and wow, we were THRILLED with the response.  If you missed it, no need to alarm, there are more planned.  First please look at this teaser from Jennifer Kathryn Photography.  And if you want to learn how to build your own little fern or succulent wonderland, you *must* read the full post HERE, from Elizabeth Anne Designs!!!  In the meantime, let us know what other workshops you would be interested in seeing at Fleur!





Busy as honeybees

Today was our terrarium workshop!

What a success and so much fun!  Two very special and wonderful friends, Jennifer & Ami, came by to photograph it for an online tutorial (coming soon!).  Aside from the fun of building the terrarium, it was a perfect way to begin the morning.  So many came in to create, we are already thinking about the next one!  We're looking at lots of teeny, itty bitty succulents, so you can create a little variety in your vase.  And, we will encourage you to bring your own vessels as well.

We're also planning a few other walk-in crafty days at Fleur!  Such as making Mom her own sweet lil' corsage for Mother's Day complete with flowers, feathers and plumes.  Perhaps forcing spring bulbs at home inside.  Anything you would like us to teach you?

It has been a very in-store week for us.  Lots of pretty things being delivered.  Ordering Valentine's Day flowers.  Meetings with clients.  It's been creative week, even though the droning cloudiness managed to get the best of me one day.

Also, last night I went to the Siskel theater to watch an incredible movie with an incredible friend (and my acupuncturist).  For those of you who know of my love of honey, it's no surprise to you that I fell in love with the movie Queen of the Sun, which I highly recommend.  A quirky yet serious documentary regarding honeybees and ultimately agriculture.  Don't let the crazy, dancing bee lady scare you aware, she had nothing at all to do with the film.  You'll fall in love with the whimsical french beekeeper, and learn a thing or two as well.  You can buy the BEST honey in the world from the Honeycoop.


Side note, if you need an acupuncturist let me know & I'll pass along her digits.  She is fantastic and her office is in Logan Square.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!


Five Years and Counting

The most wonderful part of my job is that I am surrounded by people in love.  And occasionally it's just just newlyweds.  My friend Jessie recently asked my help to stylize a photo shoot celebrating her and her husband's five year anniversary.

Naturally I was beyond honored by their request and was so excited to once again work alongside Jaclyn Simpson and Jennifer Kathryn.  In addition, special custom designed paper treats were included from Suzy the talented designer at Lily Red Design.

The details were quite endless.  Jessie and Eric read their original vows to one another, while standing under a canopy of lace, string, twine and ribbon (Eric proposed with a piece of string) and atop a beautiful Persian rug.., a wedding gift.  They brought a basket of items representing time during the past five years including their wedding album.   There was a picnic.  Trees represented wood, the traditional wedding gift of five years.

Jessie held a bouquet including thistle, one of Eric's favorites, tucked among oak leaf hydrangea, acorns and billy balls.

Rosemary was included and the ribbon treatment was finished with twine.

Jessie and Eric were married on a cotton plantation, under a pecan tree.  Naturally, some cotton in his boutonniere was necessary.

Eric and Jessie are two people I met via the wedding industry.  We've become good friends, and I always look so forward to spending time with them.  Their joy for one another and delight in simplicity is inspiring.  Their hard work and devotion towards one another and their dear friends and family around them is outstanding.  And their sense of humor and love for life is infectious.

I was moved when asked to be a part of this afternoon.

Thank you, Eric and Jessie, and congratulations on five beautiful years, and here is to many, many more.


Finally a post or three!

It's been a minute since I've had the time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  August began as the slowest month and quickly turned into one of the busiest.  Part of this was my time in Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana & Wisconsin.  Part of that was holidays at lakes & camping, the other half just plain work.  Luckily for me, work is really quite fun and the range is open.  For example, once again I was honored to work on a beautiful photography collaboration with the two wonderfully talented Jaclyn Simpson & Jenn Kathryn.  This time around we worked with Jessie and her husband Eric on their five year (!!!) wedding anniversary shoot.

Suzy from Lily Red Design created beautiful paper pieces, including a lunch menu for Jessie & Eric's picnic and a reprint of their original vows.  There will absolutely be more photos, but in the meantime I snapped a few of the amazing couple.  However.., really can't wait to see what Jaclyn & Jenn show!

Their love for each other is kind of addicting.

You really have no idea how hard it was for them because of all the mosquitos.  No kidding.

But between all this travel, we've still been working on weddings and deliveries and staying quite busy.  Aside from lots of new items in the storefront (lots of goodies to purchase, such as Saipua Soaps, vintage glassware, scented candles...), we've just been having so much fun.  In fact, this might be the most fun I've personally ever had in August!

Wildflower bouquets and centerpieces seem to be the hit of the season, and here are a few, in blue, that Caleb created.

It's refreshing to see this palette in mid-summer.  Not to say I'm not in love with glowing yellows, peach, mustards, pinks and other summer colors.., it's just a nice mix into the overall season.

And I am completely in love with Caleb's color descriptions of sperm whale and desert.  They make me want to travel, look at picture books, sit in the park and sketch and move to an island to fish.  He is a painter, and an amazing one at that.

Pip and Brian (part 2)

Remember those amazing photos a few posts back from Pip and Brian's engagement session?  I didn't want to ruin the surprise by giving away too many, because they were featured on Style Me Pretty.  Take a peak, it's just gosh darn adorable! Jennifer Kathryn & Jaclyn Simpson took these wonderful photos at Videnovich Farms.  Pip & Brian were so much fun to work with.  And we also set up a mock up of some potential ideas for a weddings table.  Ranunculus, garden roses, billy balls, lilac doubled tulips, smoke bush, fever few and a few additional wildflowers formed a bouquet, boutonniere and filled vintage blue vases.  Lace and yellow ribbon draped across the table with yellow goblets for drinks.  Blue mason jars completed the flowers with additional votive candles.  The blue, yellow & white color palette is so much fun to work with.  The mixture of cool and warm palettes paired with neutral white leave the atmosphere as being almost void of season.  You can really used it any time of the year.

So, enjoy this post and be sure to look at the others featured at Style Me Pretty for more.

Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend and enjoy the days as summer slowly moves into autumn!

~ xo ~