Brian & Pip's engagement session.

I can't just yet share all the goodies on this shoot,
but it would truly be a crime if I kept them from you!
If these two are not in love, I give up on the
entire world.
  Jaclyn Simpson & Jenn Gaudreau took these photos of
Brian and Pip.  This team is amazing!
We had a wonderful day and the inspiration from
everyone was just revitalizing.
 The shoot took place at Videnovich Farms
(I receive their farm share box,
it's wonderful and you should visit them at their
farmer's markets).
It was bliss. Hanging around a vineyard, herb garden, sheep,
cherry trees.., my heart is hurting just thinking about it.
Wait until you see all the rest.
But you have to wait for them.
It's always nice to have something to look forward to!