Autumn has arrived in Chicago

It's chilly outside and the other night I closed the majority of the windows in the apartment.  Partially because it was cold, and partially because Tippie Junebug kitten has managed to tear the screens out of three windows (sigh..).  Since I listened to a Radiolab podcast about cats falling out of windows, I don't want that to happen (even though statistics show that 3 stories and she'll be just fine).  And.., I can wear jackets in the autumn.  I love jackets.

I wish I had a better lens for my camera.  I'm going to spend the winter researching them, and hopefully purchase one in the spring.  I have a Nikon D80.  Any suggestions?  So I can take nice close ups of these pretty things.

I'm kind of all over the place today.  I started to work out again.  I didn't sleep well.  I'm beginning to re-enjoy stout beers (I learned that I like whiskey barrel aged stouts!).  I like underwear shopping.  I want to plan a dinner party.  And a Halloween party.  I need to decide what I am going to dress up as for Halloween.

Tonight I am making butternut squash with acorns and goat cheese and maybe some red pepper flakes over quinoa for dinner.  I might drink a stout beer, or we might walk over to Bar Deville for a Manhatten.  Hopefully we'll take that walk so I can wear my jacket.  It's a toggle.  It's cute.  And tomorrow we're going apple picking.  And I'm picking up a whole lotta' gnarly pumpkins and gourds.

We have a lot of cute things in the shop right now.  Aprons, candles, cards, tins filled with adorable postcards, letterpress calendars, and of course, our I <3 Logan Square and I<3 Chicago cards.

Do you like little baby lambs?  You should check out this amazing little B&B in Missouri.  My friend Hilary's parent's own it and their sheep just gave birth to triplets.


And do you like dancing dogs?  Of course you do.

Happy Sunday, I'll see you on Tuesday.