Darling Fleur's first class!

Last night was the first installment of Darling Fleur's premier floral class!  It was a wonderful success with six lovely ladies!

We'll have some images from Doug McGoldrick soon, but here are some I snapped.  Lots of photos will be on the blog shortly!

Just some of our selection of blooms (See those succulents?  Expect a Summer Succulent class coming up!).

Tipsy Cake provided the most adorable cupcakes!!  And delicious bars were provided by Kind Snacks.

These photos are my arrangement, this morning.  Everyone created such a unique piece and they were all simply delightful!

And you can see a little bit of our vase fabric treatment here, too...

Doug is creating a wonderful photo montage.  You can see a similar one on Hello, Darling's website to know what to expect.

Thank you so much to everyone for being a part of class, we can't wait for the next one!  Details will be coming soon!

Darling Fleur's Premier Flower Class!

Oh, hello there, Flower Class!

That photo up there is by Natalie.  She and I sat tonight for a few hours (a glass of red in hand for "inspiration") and finally worked out all the details of our very first floral class.  All the details are in our blog, above.   We're completely tickled to present "Peonies and Pink", a twist on peonies, "pinks" (affectionately known as dianthus) and pinking shears.  We're going to teach you how to capture your own lil' fragrant centerpiece (Funny that I am typing about this, because the scent of the peonies on my dining room table right now has filled the room.  It's dreamy!) in the sweet palette of pink.

We're totally excited.