Holy Cow!

I'm sitting at home in my kitchen, taking a 2nd day off after a very long past 14 days.  May is the busiest month *ever*.  It always has been and I think always will be.  I can't help it, after the long and dreary winter I am so excited for the spring delights that start growing, I say yes to everything.  Weddings, Mother's Day, a business workshop in NY, planning a new website, changing a few behind the scenes layouts,  photo shoots, teaching classes, industry coffees (sometimes beers...) and all the rest in-between.  I have to thank Davey 100 times over for being the most supportive and wonderful man in the world with his patience and encouragement on those days I needed an extra pair of hands or just someone cheering me on when I felt like falling asleep on the work tables.  Caleb and Kaelie can't be forgotten, those two keep me laughing and create so much beauty around the boutique it's astounding.  I'm literally bubbling with excitement to share some of May's weddings with you but patience, for the photographers are editing!  In the meantime, here are some images I snapped of Allison & Joe's beautiful pink & white  peony wedding  at Harry Caray's this past Saturday.

Last October I worked with the lovely Meri on her daughter Carolyn's wedding flowers.  Before the wedding had even happened, Meri asked me to assist with the floral on her 2nd daughter's wedding the following May.  I think that is the greatest compliment, and it's always such an enjoyment to work with a wonderful family twice in one year!!   Here is Allison's bridal bouquet.  I was thrilled when they brought in their style board filled with peonies!

Kaelie added these beautiful bow treatments to the bridesmaid bouquets.

Here are all the centerpieces before we packed them up.

Footed vases always add a touch of elegance to a romantic wedding.  These clear glass one are so simple.


I'm off to the market.  I want to buy some fruit and make a berry salad, or just take a walk before the rain comes back (?!).  I love days off.