Race for the finish line! A Derby Baby Shower!

Last weekend I co-hosted a little baby shower for some good friends at my house.  With the due date being May 3rd, one of the greatest days on earth (The Kentucky Derby), we had the perfect excuse to start planning for some bets - will it be a boy or a girl?!  I am so excited to meet this little one! (Ps, I bet a girl).  And thank you so much to Refind Joy for all the wonderful silver serving trays!!!

Derby baby shower by Fleur

~~~Vintage plates for Derby baby shower

~~~Floral by Fleur

~~~Pecan pie pops by Sweet Tart Bakery & mini hot browns

~~~Flowers by Fleur

~~~Derby baby party by Fleur

A Little Sprinkle

I've been meaning to post these photos forever, back in February we were part of throwing a little baby "Sprinkle" along with Beth from SQN Events & Katherine from Greatest Expectations for our dear friend Heather!  Heather is also from Greatest Expectations and was expecting her 4th little baby girl (who is now here and the cutest little nugget!).  We dined over the most delicious lunch at Floriole and shared in the excitement of anticipation.  Congratulations to Heather & Todd!!!


Sunny Centerpiece by Fleur


Sunny centerpiece by Fleur


Mimosa centerpiece By Fleur


Poppies & hellebores by Fleur