I say with a sigh...

This week is Fleur's 10th birthday.  I say this with a sigh.  A decade is quite a long time.  There are days I think it feels like only one year, and days it feels twice as long.  I just spent the last hour looking through iphoto... what a journey, what a road.  We thought it was time to celebrate.

Join us April 12th from 4-8pm.

We have savory nibbles from The Curry Cruiser, delicious sweets from Truffle Truffle and there will be beer from 3Floyds* to wash it all down.  Can't wait to see you.  We've painted and remodeled in honor of this, so come on by to take a peek.


Thank you so much for believing in us for 10 amazing years.

*with id, kids!