Emily & Tim at Architectural Artifacts

This past April we were so excited to team up with LK Events for a beautiful and glowing wedding at Architectural Artifacts (coordinated by Artifact Events). This was one of those beautiful weddings when you're so excited during the planning phase.  You can picture the glow, you can see the floral, it's unique but still an incredibly classic Chicago wedding.  These kinds of weddings will never go out of date (Which is one of our goals!).  Taking place in the Ravenswood neighborhood inside the walls of a what feels like the best museum ever (Except that EVERYTHING IS AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE) it is a curio collection that always feels special and important.  Thank you to Emily and Tim for trusting the Fleur Team to be part of such a beautiful day.  We're thrilled to share these beautiful images captured by Olivia Leigh Photographie!

Spring wedding bouquet by Fleur Inc at Artifact Events, with Lk Events.  Photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings.
Spring wedding bouquet by Fleur Inc, for a romantic April wedding at Artifact Events with LK Events.  Photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings.
April bridesmaid bouquet by Fleur Inc.  Photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings.
A lovely, Chicago bride and her sweet bridesmaids at Artifact Events for this April wedding.  Flowers by Fleur Inc, photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings, and planning by LK Events.
Candle treatment escort table treatment by Fleur Inc at Artifact Events.  This April, Chicago wedding was captured by Olivia Leigh Weddings.
Artifact Events wedding in the Architectural Artifacts space, floral by Fleur Inc.  This Chicago, April wedding was captured by Olivia Leigh Weddings, and coordinated by LK Events.
Boxwood backdrop for the head table at Artifact Events by Fleur Inc.  Photo captured by Olivia Leigh Weddings.
Yves Piaget garden rose centerpiece for this gorgeous Chicago wedding by Fleur Inc.  Image captured by Olivia Leigh Weddings
Taj candle holders at Artifact Events for a beautiful, glowing April wedding in Chicago.  Photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings
Napkin florets are always a great idea!
Yves Piaget garden roses for this romantic and beautiful wedding in Chicago, at Artifact Events.  Flowers by Fleur Inc, photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings and planning by LK Events.
Feasting Table decor with repurposed wedding party bouquets for this April, Chicago wedding at Artifact Events.  Flowers by Fleur Inc, Photo by Olivia Leigh Weddings, planning by LK Events.

All the Glow at Bridgeport Art Center

In the past we've heard people ask, "Who would get married in the winter in Chicago?" and our response is basically, "The most bad ass couples you can imagine!"  Winter weddings are a true magical event.  There is something about walking into a glowing  venue filled with candle light when it's snowing and frigid outside.  Once you're there, all those winter thoughts melt away and you're left with nothing but warm & romantic vibes.  That was certainly the case at the Bridgeport Art Center Skyline loft this past January.  Such a gorgeous wedding with Lola Event Productions, Jeremy Lawson Photography & Art of Imagination.  Enjoy!!