The inbox was filled with some pretty amazing blooms this morning, thanks to the gorgeous work from Cathy and David Photography!  They sent along some images from a wedding Caleb designed in 2011.  The blues are so refreshing and lovely.





Contact High

I've been lacking on blog updates, mostly because I had a camera issue.  Now that it's taken care of, we have so many photos to share that I'm overwhelmed.  I love this time of year.  You should see the lilac and hellebores that arrived yesterday.  And the ranunculus.  And the frittilaria.  Frittilaria smells like grass.  As in marijuana.  So when you stop in the store and sense that fragrance in the air, note this is attributed to the flowers, not to us.  Although, with all the beauty that's popping up, I bet you'll get some kind of contact high.  Caleb designed these springy little bundles of joy back in February for a wedding.  The colors are so sweet, the blooms are so perfect.  This time of year is so ridiculous for flowers.





Laurie Peacock just sent us this great image of a bouquet that Caleb designed.  Creating bridal bouquets is our favorite thing, ever.


We've painted the boutique.  Added some molding, a handmade shelving unit designed by Put Down the Bourbon, and we still have a couple more things to do.



It's feeling good around here.

A film by XO Pictures of Emily & Cameron

You may remember theses images from last year.  Caleb designed this beautiful wedding at Salvage One (One of our top three favorite venues in Chicago).

Just today we saw the incredible film created by the wonderfully talented couple behind

XO Pictures, Tom & Jenny.  You can watch it right HERE!!! We love this couple.  They're sweet, they're sassy, they're adorable and they're in love.  To us, that also means they're a prefect match for your wedding day.

This wedding was so very beautiful, planned by Five Grain Events. Always flawless and always wonderful to work with.

Vintage, blue mason jars, mercury glass and oodles of candles.

Thank you so much to XO Pictures for the amazing video!! And once again, congratulations to Emily & Cameron!


Caleb recently designed this beautiful wedding.

Planned with Joan from Five Grain Events & located at Salvage One, it was one of those weddings we just so enjoy working on.  Dreamy bridal bouquets filled with garden roses, dahlias and dusty miller.  Texture mixed among soft blooms for the bridesmaids.    They're all so lovely!  Enjoy!!





Little Miss Sunshine

Caleb made this sunny little bridal bouquet last week.

I thought it was appropriate to share, since Chicago will actually be enjoying some sunshine and warm weather this weekend.  We have SO many photos to dig through and blog about.  2011 has been a truly beautiful year, and to be quite honest, 2012 is looking pretty hot as well.

If all our proposals are completed this evening, we'll post some more.  This is just a quick breath for now.

Caleb's shades of blue

Our first wedding of August was last weekend, and they were Caleb's clients.  You might not realize this but Caleb, in addition to being hilarious, handsome and an incredible painter, is a wonderful designer.  There was only a month's notice with which to plan.  The bride and her mother came in with their only request being blue.  Here is what he came up with!

Beautiful hydrangea, vanda orchids, delphinium, veronica (the name of the bride!), callas & more.

Also some viburnum berries & dusty miller are added in!

The contrast of dark plum is gorgeous next to the blue & white!

The reception took place at the Women's Club of Evanston, a truly beautiful venue.  It has that old Southern Charm flair, and whenever we walk through the doors with expect to see potted ferns and ladies & gents sipping sweet tea and bourbon.

Both the high & low centerpieces were surrounded by sweet satellite vases, filled with hydrangea, wildflowers and orchids.  The colors popped so amazingly in the room.  Sorry the photo above is a bit blurry!

Mercury glass & crystal candelabras added a little bit of sparkle & shine.

The tall centerpieces (below) were lush and fill of texture and beauty!

Congratulations to Veronica & Nelson!!!

What the what? Autumn flowers!

Yesterday was a *BUSY* day.  First day back and filled to the brim with phone calls, estimates, scheduling meetings and picking out Valentine's Day cards.  Yes, I said it.., Valentine's Day.

But we'll get to THAT day later.

Leslie was so sweet to send us these images from her wedding.  She worked with Caleb to create just the prettiest, locally grown wedding flowers from this past August.  Her vases were wonderful, too.  Lots of jars they were repurposing as canisters while they build their lives together as newlyweds.  Thank you to Pen Carlson Photography for catching all the sweetness!


It's so nice to look at these warm and sunny colors in January!

And their linen selection is so whimsical and fun!





Occasionally the holidays feel like this:

That's a busy afternoon at Fleur.  And our little elves have been making some really beautiful arrangements.  Caleb made these, and on that last post.., Caitlin created the arrangement.




Today I learned something valuable.  No matter how much you need a cup of caffeine, do NOT stop in a bakery when you are hungry.  I guarantee you will walk out with one red velvet cupcake too many.


Finally a post or three!

It's been a minute since I've had the time to sit down and collect my thoughts.  August began as the slowest month and quickly turned into one of the busiest.  Part of this was my time in Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana & Wisconsin.  Part of that was holidays at lakes & camping, the other half just plain work.  Luckily for me, work is really quite fun and the range is open.  For example, once again I was honored to work on a beautiful photography collaboration with the two wonderfully talented Jaclyn Simpson & Jenn Kathryn.  This time around we worked with Jessie and her husband Eric on their five year (!!!) wedding anniversary shoot.

Suzy from Lily Red Design created beautiful paper pieces, including a lunch menu for Jessie & Eric's picnic and a reprint of their original vows.  There will absolutely be more photos, but in the meantime I snapped a few of the amazing couple.  However.., really can't wait to see what Jaclyn & Jenn show!

Their love for each other is kind of addicting.

You really have no idea how hard it was for them because of all the mosquitos.  No kidding.

But between all this travel, we've still been working on weddings and deliveries and staying quite busy.  Aside from lots of new items in the storefront (lots of goodies to purchase, such as Saipua Soaps, vintage glassware, scented candles...), we've just been having so much fun.  In fact, this might be the most fun I've personally ever had in August!

Wildflower bouquets and centerpieces seem to be the hit of the season, and here are a few, in blue, that Caleb created.

It's refreshing to see this palette in mid-summer.  Not to say I'm not in love with glowing yellows, peach, mustards, pinks and other summer colors.., it's just a nice mix into the overall season.

And I am completely in love with Caleb's color descriptions of sperm whale and desert.  They make me want to travel, look at picture books, sit in the park and sketch and move to an island to fish.  He is a painter, and an amazing one at that.