Fleur in CS Brides

It's always an honor to be featured in publications, and I'm thrilled to share this one with you from Chicago Social Brides.  You can read the online magazine HERE, but in the meantime enjoy the write up from last year's Eleven-Eleven Wedding Giveaway!  This could not have arrived at a more perfect time, because we just met Amy & Howard, the winners of the 11-11-11 wedding!  They were just a pure delight to meet and I loved creating a vision with them.  I knew we were making some incredible progress when Amy loved the ideas so much that she welled up with tears.  I'm sure that's the first of many times she and Howard will be excited about all of the wonderful vendors involved.  And Amy.., you can't do that again.  You saw me start to well up too!!!!  Congratulations once again to Amanda & Mike (featured below) and Amy & Howard!!