Days off

I love days off.  This morning I drank some tea and wrote a letter to my best friend who moved to Boston.  I skipped the gym and opted for sitting outside in the sunshine (In November??!) to read and took a long walk around Ukrainian Village.  It was so warm today I took my scarf and hat off.  I also ate a bowl of Minestrone and drank a glass of red wine for lunch.

And although I dedicate my days off to avoiding emails, every now and then I check them.  Today I'm glad I looked at them, because Amy sent me some beautiful photos from her wedding. Thanks to Ken Carl from R.E.M Photography, as well!

The personals were so vibrant and pretty.

And a tailored vanda orchid floret for a boutonniere.


Okay, but this all the time of mine you can have today.  I'm about to make chicken stock from the leftover roasted chicken Davey and I made last night.  And I'm working on the Thanksgiving menu.  Bon Iver is playing.  And I think I feel like painting tonight.  The tea kettle is whistling and I gotta go.