Art & nature & stuff

I'm trying to grow my hair out.
It's a painful endeavor, continually teaching me patience.
Luckily there is Susan at Sparrow.
Last week when I was sitting in the salon I picked up a copy of
Ernst Haeckel's Art Forms in Nature
(A MUCH better read than the average US magazine.., even though I
do enjoy reading about Lady Gaga from time to time).
I can pour over books like this for hours,
they are absolutely stunning.
The colors and intricacies of design blow me away.
So after my haircut, I ran home to look at my copy of
Albertus Seba's Cabinet of Curiosities.
I LOVE this book.  It's large, and heavy with pull out pages.
Filled with perfectly odd creatures and shapes.
And stunning designs, so mosaic like.
The octopi, the seashells and the flowers...
Skimming though this reminded me also of when Dave's
Mom was just in
town and we visited the Shedd Aquarium.
In all honestly, this post really isn't about anything
other than sharing with you shapes and textures and colors and
books and things I like.
Like seahorses and coral and weird Lovecraftian shapes.
(Although I do also love the Tour de France, wine,
baguettes and lavender,
that is neither here nor there and for some other day).