Kinfolk Gathering

Just about a month ago (when the weather was significantly warmer), I was invited by my friend Amanda Jane Jones to participate in the Kinfolk Gathering dinner at Camp Wandawega.  Of course I said yes.  Dinner at my favorite place in the world, and the chef happened to be Jason Hammel from Lula Cafe.  It was an incredible night!  Here are just a few images, but check out the amazing recap from Wandawega right HERE!

But first, check out this amazing video of the night from Richard Original right in


Kinfolk Video by Richard Smith

Thanks so much to Amy Jo Royall Photography for the beautiful images!

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Fleur is Moving!!!





October 5th we paper up our windows (with a few tears in our eyes) at our Logan Blvd address, in preparation for our move to our new home located at 2651 N Milwaukee!

Directly across from the Logan Theater, we can't wait for you to see our growth!


Sculpting Nature by XO Pictures

Searching through some files it just occurred to me that we never shared with you this amazing movie from our dear friends XO Pictures.  Tom and Jenny are an incredibly talented couple, and I love seeing their work!  Please enjoy this gorgeous film they created about Fleur (Please click on the link below).

Sculpting Nature

Thank you, once again to Tom & Jenny for this simply lovely film!!

A film by XO Pictures of Emily & Cameron

You may remember theses images from last year.  Caleb designed this beautiful wedding at Salvage One (One of our top three favorite venues in Chicago).

Just today we saw the incredible film created by the wonderfully talented couple behind

XO Pictures, Tom & Jenny.  You can watch it right HERE!!! We love this couple.  They're sweet, they're sassy, they're adorable and they're in love.  To us, that also means they're a prefect match for your wedding day.

This wedding was so very beautiful, planned by Five Grain Events. Always flawless and always wonderful to work with.

Vintage, blue mason jars, mercury glass and oodles of candles.

Thank you so much to XO Pictures for the amazing video!! And once again, congratulations to Emily & Cameron!

XO Pictures

In 2011 I met a truly lovely couple.  I liked them immediately.  They have spunk and a great sense of humor.  They're sincere people, kind and motivated.  They're honest and hard working, and I immediately felt comfortable around them.  Simply put, Tom and Jenny from XO Pictures are some of the most talented people I've met.  I've actually re-written this post about 6 or 7 times, not quite finding the proper words to describe them or their art.  They create films, but not just any kind.  Tom sees something deeper than an interaction or moment in time.  He films life and all the pieces around it to make the viewer understand something bigger than just a license of the every day.  Here is one of two films Tom created about myself and Fleur.  Click on the link below, and enjoy his rhythmic and beautiful interpretation of Fleur.  And Tom, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I have no idea how I can ever repay you for such a gift.

A film about Kelly Marie of Fleur, by Tom of XO Pictures

P.S. Part two is coming shortly.  The second was a surprise that I had no idea about, and today it brought me to tears.

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you.