Fleur is Moving!!!





October 5th we paper up our windows (with a few tears in our eyes) at our Logan Blvd address, in preparation for our move to our new home located at 2651 N Milwaukee!

Directly across from the Logan Theater, we can't wait for you to see our growth!


Bridal bouquet in April

In April we had a beautiful wedding at Revolution Brewery, and here are some photos of the bridal bouquet!  Enjoy!  We can't wait to see all the photos of the centerpieces!Bridal bouquet by Fleur


Bridal bouquet by Fleur Inc~~~

Bridal bouquet by Fleur Inc~~~

Bridal bouquet by Fleur

May Madness

May brings on the onslaught of the wedding season.  So sadly my blogging falls a little behind as I place orders for weddings 2 weeks to a month out, contact all our couples to finalize details, count votive candles, clean out the vases from storage, wash them & put them back after use, meet with new clients, write proposals for a year out and sometimes send those proposals out a little later than anticipated (which I apologize to those of you whom have recently waited a little longer for a proposal from me).  Thankfully my team is amazing and so strong and witty and hard working and I could never do this without them.  This is going to be our strongest season to date !


And to those of you who come visit me in the boutique, and I stay in our production area with just a quick hello, I promise I will be social again one day (just not while I'm designing someone's wedding flowers).  Thank you for not judging me as anti-social.  XO


Here are a few images of an arrangement from a few months back that I absolutely fell in love with & took a bazillion photos of.  Enjoy!  And now at 6am I will drink my coffee and start my day writing a lovely proposal for a sweet couple we met with this week.


Floral arrangement by Fleur Inc


Floral arrangement by Fleur Inc


Floral arrangement by Fleur Inc~~~

Floral arrangement by Fleur Inc~~~

Floral arrangement by Fleur Inc

Mother's Day

May has been one of the quickest months ever!  We couldn't let it speed by without sharing some of our Mother's Day arrangements with you!  Thank you all for a wonderful holiday (It's kind of amazing that this year was Fleur's 13th Mother's Day!!  Lucky number 13!!).  We've been working on some great weddings and can't wait to share the professional photos with you soon, but first enjoy these!











Wreath making at West Elm in with Kinfolk

Although mentioned many times before, I adore my job.  It's never the same, each week brings so many new challenges and experiences that are rewarding and inspiring.  These experiences teach me new concepts about design and at the end the day are simply fun.  When Amanda Jane Jones asked if I would be interested in teaching another class in collaboration with Kinfolk & West Elm, I was thrilled!  Spending an evening meeting so many talented people who have now become friends, working with fragrant foliages on a cold winter day, and watching everyone create organic pieces of art for their homes was wonderful.  Thank you to all our inspiring attendees, I am honored to have spent such a wonderful time getting to know you!!  Please enjoy these photos from Jaclyn Simpson Photography!





~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-87-3117547498-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-121-3117549624-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-97-3117548061-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-113-3117549099-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-107-3117548627-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-60-3117545705-O~~~Kinfolk+West+Elm+Fleur-73-3117546549-O ~~~



Martha Stewart Wedding Party

Sunday, March 2nd we were very tickled to be a part of the Martha Stewart Wedding Party show, held at the Ritz Carlton, hosted by the Wedding Library & Lovebird Events.  With such a long winter this year, I chose spring blooms including lilac, jasmine and ranunculus to name a few (some of my absolute favorites), filled with fragrance.  These days, as I stare out into my snowy backyard, all I can envision is an overgrown and lush garden filled with vines and garden roses and floral in all seasons.  Hopefully I channeled all of that when designing this table, as I look forward to the summer, sitting in the garden with friends, sipping on Moscow Mules!  Enjoy!!



Detail by Fleur~~~

Fleur at the Martha Stewart Wedding Party in Chicago~~~

Fleur details

Post valentine's day!

February always rushes by so quickly!  Valentine's day happens, and then, in the world of flowers, the month seems over (although last night we had the dreamiest of winter weddings, that we cannot WAIT to share with you!).  In the meantime, here are a few of the gazillion bouquets that we sent out (and loved making, too!)

photo 4




Processed with VSCOcam

~~~photo 2

Valentine's Week!

Valentine's Day is this Friday!  Have you ordered your flowers yet?

Our hours this week are:

Tuesday-Friday 10am - 7pm

Preorder your flowers, or shop in the boutique!

Valentine flowers

Also, visit us at Gaslight Coffee Roasters on Friday the 14th from 9am-3pm for pre made mason jar arrangements!  Pick one up with your coffee!

Fleur and Gaslight Coffee Roasters

The end of 2013 - it wasn't so unlucky, now was it?

Very early in the year a friend mentioned to me that she read an article stating (on the wedding side of the business) couples were opting not to marry in 2013 because it was deemed as bad luck.  We certainly experience the opposite of that.  Not only did two of us at Fleur tie the knot, we were attendants in weddings, wedding guests, we designed some of the most creative events to date and we came out of it all a little bit exhausted, but beyond proud of the hard work and effort of the year.

As we wrap up the last few days of our annual winter break (back open Jan. 2!), I've had some time to look at all the photos and amazing times from 2013.Don't get me wrong.  It wasn't all bliss and happy.  Sometimes the damn dahlias arrived dead, we pissed each other off, then we hugged & made up.  But overall, this was a good year.  We freaked out over amazing locally farmers with the most perfect product, we added new gift lines to the boutique (promoting as many American made products as we can find!), we can't even count how many boutonnieres we wrapped (and don't want to).  We travelled across states to design and at the end of the day, we took a deep breath and patted one another on the back.  I can't thank our friends, family, clients, customers, fans and my wonderful staff enough for 2013.  In my opinion, the luckiest year of them all.  Here are some photos of our year - hardly a start to all that happened, but enjoy!!!

This year there were many occasions when the van was packed to the brim.

photo copy 4

And many occasions when we made a lot of romantic bouquets.

Flower by Fleur

Sometimes we could be non traditional.

Flower by Fleur, photo by Julia Franzosa Photography

Photo by Julia Franzosa.Flowers by Fleur at the Chicago History Museum

And sometimes we added some sparkle.

flowers by Fleur

And every now & then we were very, very modern!

Mothers Day at Fleur

We survived the floral holidays.

Fleur unloading

As well as the loading docks.Romantic flowers by Fleur, photo from Anna Guziak

We loved this palette!  Photo by Anna Guziak.

photo copy

And sometimes had a drink.


We never tire of blush, peach & romance.  Photo by Pen Carlson.

20130615 355-XL

Even on rainy afternoons, we brought sunshine inside.  Photo by Avery House.

photo copy 2

We designed for St Patrick's Day, the Fleur way.


And there was some serious some love that happened.  Photo by Amanda Hein, table from

Aged Rentals.

photo copy 2

And we want to make tinted boutonnieres every day!


Dahlias like this came into the shop, locally grown!!!

photo copy 5

And couples were married under structures like this (we teamed with Art of Imagination for this chuppah).

bouquet by Fleur

Thank you again for a wonderful year.  There is no way Fleur would be here if it wasn't for all of you.  You all are the peanut butter to my jelly, the honey to  my tea.  You all keep me inspired.  Thank you to my outstanding staff who are the hardest workers, the most talented people and some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

Happy New Year!!

Annual Holiday Break!

Happy Holidays!!

We will be closed for our annual holiday break beginning December 24th at 3pm, reopening at 10am on January 2nd.

Hope you're enjoying a beautiful holiday & sparking New Year!

Christmas Candle Centerpiece


Christmas centerpiece

See you in 2014!


Holidays on the Square 2013!

Holidays on the Square_ad

December 7th hosts Logan Square's annual holiday shopping event,

Holidays on the Square!  

Stop on by the neighborhood for a wonderful day of shopping, Santa sightings and some carolers!

©Amy Boyle Photography

We have some surprises popping into the shop this week.  So many wonderful gift lines including Snow & Graham, Pinch, Soda by Amy & more!  Also, new vintage items are arriving this week!

One thing you don't want to miss is our newest little event at Fleur, our fundraiser supporting One Tail at a Time!  Stop on in Saturday through December 24th for a change to win gift certificates to the shop.  All proceeds will benefit OTAT!  All you have to do is purchase an ornament!

See you Saturday!

Thank you to Amy Boyle Photography for these wonderful images!

Style Unveiled Inspiration Shoot with M Durpetti Events

Michelle Durpetti asked us to be part of a really fun inspiration shoot for Style Unveiled.  We absolutely loved what she came up with!! David Turner Photography is responsible for these absolutely GORGEOUS photos, and you can see the rest of the post with all the amazing vendors right HERE!  Thank you Michelle, for asking us to be part of your team!!!

Poppy bridal bouquet by Fleur, Photo by David Turner Photography

This poppy is killing me.

Poppy Bridal Bouquet by Fleur, Photo by David Turner


Flower by Fleur, Photo by David Turner Photography


Flowers by Fleur, photo by David Turner Photography

Where have you been?

It's been too long, and we've missed you.  We haven't had time to update the blog, and when we did - we didn't know hot to resize the images so they would fit (true).  March was somehow incredibly busy with lots of outside projects and details all over the place.  Our new website is looking amazing, we're closer to our rebranding.  We've been searching all over for some amazing American made gift lines.  We've been writing proposals and taking meetings and  Here are some flowers we made for the Martha Stewart Wedding Party (Which was on March 10th) for our friends over at Five Grain Events.

Martha Stewart Wedding Party


Marth Stewart Wedding Party ~~~
Martha Stewart Wedding Party
Martha Stewart Wedding Party
Martha Stewart Wedding Party
For some reason all the images keep showing up slightly upside down or sideways, but we figured it was long overdue for a post and wanted to share these anyway.  Wedding season officially begins this weekend, and it is SO good to be designing again!

Shot through the heart

Fleur Valentine

We've ordered some of our favorites for Valentine's Day!  Red roses of course, but also peonies, anemones, ranunculus, tulips, blossoming branches, garden roses, gloriosas and so many more.  Don't forget, we deliver!  Call in your order early to make sure it's one of the first to be sent out on Thursday!  You can always stop in the shop and pick out your blooms, or just call and have us design something ready for pick up!


And.., we'll also be at Gaslight Coffee Roasters 7am-noon with pre-made bouquets, both hand tied and in mason jar vases!  Happy Valentine's Day!

Fleur Gaslight flier

Thanks Re:find Joy for the fliers, Jaclyn Simpson & Simply Jessie for the photos!!

That's a wrap!

The boutique is still closed until the 2nd of January, but yesterday Amy and myself went in to finish up paperwork, take inventory, check some emails, hang out with Kitty and design the flowers for the last wedding of 2012.  Admittedly (Amy didn't notice, at least I hope) my eyes welled up once or twice as I twisted the tape onto the last boutonnieres and added in the last branch of privet to the bridal bouquet.  2012, you have been good to us.


Here it is.  The last bouquet of 2012.

Winter bouquet by Fleur

I thought about a recap post of some of our favorite weddings and things that happened this year, but to be honest the Fleur family has too many moments and bouquets to choose from.  I've spent the last hour and a half this morning looking through 2012's photo collection, almost crying through half of it.  It's amazing how fast it has gone by.   I feel like this is the perfect way to begin Sunday, the beginning of the end of the year.  Ready and waiting for 2013.

Thank you, all of you mean so very much to me.

Textured bouquet with dahlias, green trick & tweedia by Fleur


Tiny bee on sweet william


Shop kitty in our new counter from Lula Cafe


Billy ball & succulent bouquet by Fleur~~~

Cloche centerpiece by Fleur~~~

Pincushion centerpiece by Fleur~~~

Behind the scenes at Fleur~~~

Behind the scenes at Fleur~~~



Centerpieces by Caleb


Wildflower bridal bouquet by Fleur~~~

Romantic bouquet by Fleur

Happy Holidays

We've been so busy I completely forgot to tell you all that we're closed until January 2nd.

My apologies!  This is our annual holiday break when we all visit with family and rest a little bit.  We're still around.  We have some weddings we'll be working on while the boutique is closed and we're occasionally checking our emails.  Most importantly, we're looking really forward to seeing you on the 2nd.

Christmas Tree with lemons







While we're closed we're writing proposals and planning some workshops.  Hope you're all enjoying a loving holiday season, and see you soon.


The Fleur Family