Spring at the Ravenswood Event Center

In January and February we're often asked, "Is this your slow season?" and to be honest - there really is no such thing.  This might be one of our most favorite times of year, because our schedules are filled with meetings, beginning the relationships with all our 2018 and 2019 clients, planning and mentally designing and writing all the proposals.  Although we physically design less, mentally we stretch our limits to offer the most beautiful weddings and celebrations that we can.  And when it's snowing outside for days and the temperatures dip regularly below 20 degrees, we're thrilled to be dreaming up floating floral designs, colorful centerpieces and the sweetest boutonnieres.  

All of these thought have reminded us of one of the most beautiful weddings this past summer with Lola Event Productions, at the Ravenswood Event Center.  A ceremony floral half moon, growing out of the ground, peonies galore and the absolute sweetest couple you can ever imagine!  Hope these beautiful photos from Chad Husar Photography help make your winter afternoon a little more tolerable. XO