Best of Chicago

When I was a teenager, I would ask my parents to drive me to the north side of Chicago (I grew up on the SW side), because I thought it was really the coolest place on earth.  Each time I would take home a copy of the Chicago Reader, and read it religiously, cut out articles my young mind thought was important, looked up art showings and dance performances and learned about some of the most amazing bands.  Now, to once again be included in the Best Of Chicago issue, I'm humbled and honored.  Fleur loves Chicago and our growth is only possible because of our incredible guests and the amazing team that listens to my crazy ideas and keeps everything going.  Thank you so much, Chicago.  Thank you for all your support, kind words, love and I promise to make sure that Fleur is always inspiring to you, just as this city and The Chicago Reader have been to me.


Fleur voted as Best Florist in the Chicago Reader by the people's choice.