Holly Chapple Designers

Each year I try to do something educational in my field so that I can continue to grow Fleur and pass along new ideas and better processes to my team.  This is so that I can better serve all our guests and helps me to continually raise the bar for myself.  This year I spent some time in NY for the Holly Chapple Workshop, learning a few new tricks from other designers such as Sarah Winward.  It was an exciting and encouraging conference, most in part to meeting so many amazing artists and designers.  I love the encouragement of the floral community and the sharing of knowledge.  Thanks so much to Lauren Carnes Photography for these beautiful images of the atmosphere and some of the pieces I created.

Flowers by Fleur Inc, Photo by Lauren Carnes Photography


Flowers by Fleur Inc, Photo by Lauren Carnes from the Holly Chapple Workshop
Group Chuppah Design at the Holly Chapel workshop