2016, Here We Come!

What a year 2015 has been.  I've started to write a little wrap up a few times but none of the words are really working.  Moments of loss and fear were quite prevalent throughout the year, and it was hard, frustrating and sad.  My grandmother and aunt both passed away within 12 hours of one another (on different sides of the family).  We almost unexpectedly lost my mother.  My cat was sick, my husband started a new job which meant we both rarely saw one another, our fixer upper home was under construction for months (And still is).  I missed nature and time to myself, yet I also felt very alone.  

2015 was exhausting.  2015 was also very powerful.  We completed one full year in our new location, which double our size, what we could create, carry and doubled, no quadrupled our belief in ourselves and what we were capable of.  2015 made me stronger, even though I didn't realize that until just a few days ago.  When you're just on auto pilot you don't see everything that's happening, you just need to focus and make sure that things are being done correctly in the moment.  

I feel so happy about this year (even though I'm happy it's ending and we can start fresh!).  Every year I say our weddings become better, prettier, bigger, and this goes with our boutique as well.  But I know damn well I couldn't do it without my team behind me, and every single day I thank my lucky stars that they are here.  Driving cargo vans, climbing ladders and lifts, drinking too much coffee with me, and making centerpieces, wrapping gifts, sending out deliveries...oh it goes on and on.  Meanwhile I'm in the background saying, "Hey, I know we have 56,000 projects going on, but I have this idea....!"  And they haven't killed me yet.  I'm so grateful for them.  Each and every day I am grateful.

This year we reached some goals and dreams that I truly never imaged.  We designed some of our biggest weddings to date.  I spoke at a conference in front of over 100 people.  I flew to NY twice and one of those times was to design a spread for Martha Stewart Weddings.  I learned a lot about myself - I think more than ever before.  This year has been the fullest that I can think of. This year has had so many losses and so many beginnings, with so many adjectives that just can't fill this blog.  We have some incredible events planned and some even more incredible plans for 2016.  All of 2015's moments have filled us with flurries of inspiration.

Wishing all of you a wonderful, sparkling New Year filled with love, healthy, nature and fun!  Thank you to all our friends, family, guests and my team for bringing us to where we are.