An extra special day

I've been a fan of Martha Stewart since I was a little girl  Before opening Fleur, I've probably made every craft in every magazine (and all the spin offs).  Some of the most delicious recipes that are now engrained in my mind from making them so often are from the cooking archives.  And before I had any inkling of any knowledge of working with flowers, I tore out every page of floral design and gardens (this was all before Pinterest, of course).  When my good friend Janelle text me the other morning that Martha Stewart Weddings had listed the top 25 florists to follow on Instagram and we were number 10, my heart stopped for a second.  I couldn't believe it (and still can't!).  To be included on a list that included some of my favorite designers was an honor that still boggles my mind.  I'm forever grateful to be on this list.  Thanks Martha Stewart, for all the years of inspiration.  Knowing that Fleur can also inspire others is really the best thing I could ever ask for in my life.

You can see the link right HERE, and be sure to follow the other 24 amazing designers too!

25 Floral Designers to follow on Instagram from Martha Stewart Weddings


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