The end of 2013 - it wasn't so unlucky, now was it?

Very early in the year a friend mentioned to me that she read an article stating (on the wedding side of the business) couples were opting not to marry in 2013 because it was deemed as bad luck.  We certainly experience the opposite of that.  Not only did two of us at Fleur tie the knot, we were attendants in weddings, wedding guests, we designed some of the most creative events to date and we came out of it all a little bit exhausted, but beyond proud of the hard work and effort of the year.

As we wrap up the last few days of our annual winter break (back open Jan. 2!), I've had some time to look at all the photos and amazing times from 2013.Don't get me wrong.  It wasn't all bliss and happy.  Sometimes the damn dahlias arrived dead, we pissed each other off, then we hugged & made up.  But overall, this was a good year.  We freaked out over amazing locally farmers with the most perfect product, we added new gift lines to the boutique (promoting as many American made products as we can find!), we can't even count how many boutonnieres we wrapped (and don't want to).  We travelled across states to design and at the end of the day, we took a deep breath and patted one another on the back.  I can't thank our friends, family, clients, customers, fans and my wonderful staff enough for 2013.  In my opinion, the luckiest year of them all.  Here are some photos of our year - hardly a start to all that happened, but enjoy!!!

This year there were many occasions when the van was packed to the brim.

photo copy 4

And many occasions when we made a lot of romantic bouquets.

Flower by Fleur

Sometimes we could be non traditional.

Flower by Fleur, photo by Julia Franzosa Photography

Photo by Julia Franzosa.Flowers by Fleur at the Chicago History Museum

And sometimes we added some sparkle.

flowers by Fleur

And every now & then we were very, very modern!

Mothers Day at Fleur

We survived the floral holidays.

Fleur unloading

As well as the loading docks.Romantic flowers by Fleur, photo from Anna Guziak

We loved this palette!  Photo by Anna Guziak.

photo copy

And sometimes had a drink.


We never tire of blush, peach & romance.  Photo by Pen Carlson.

20130615 355-XL

Even on rainy afternoons, we brought sunshine inside.  Photo by Avery House.

photo copy 2

We designed for St Patrick's Day, the Fleur way.


And there was some serious some love that happened.  Photo by Amanda Hein, table from

Aged Rentals.

photo copy 2

And we want to make tinted boutonnieres every day!


Dahlias like this came into the shop, locally grown!!!

photo copy 5

And couples were married under structures like this (we teamed with Art of Imagination for this chuppah).

bouquet by Fleur

Thank you again for a wonderful year.  There is no way Fleur would be here if it wasn't for all of you.  You all are the peanut butter to my jelly, the honey to  my tea.  You all keep me inspired.  Thank you to my outstanding staff who are the hardest workers, the most talented people and some of the best friends I could ever ask for.

Happy New Year!!